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bests idea for a saas business

    1. Online courses

    People are always looking for skills. What if you made online courses in a variety of areas that would help people get better jobs or start their own businesses. Like:
    2 - How to be an AI specialist
    3 - Crypto investing
    4 - Writing well
    5 - Salesmanship (given the state of the economy, this would be very popular)
    6 - Negotiation (another very popular skill right now).
    7 - Investing in real estate
    8 - How to make a viral video (given the recent success of some videos).
    9 - Etc.

    2. Saas business idea #

    3. Uber for moving!

    There are so many people who need to move and it's so hard to find good movers. Make an app where you can post your needs and people can bid on moving you. They can charge by the hour plus a small percentage of what they save you on the move compared to industry averages. So if they save you $1000 then they get $50 extra on top of their hourly rate. This is a huge industry that has yet to be disrupted because it's hard to do but there are plenty of people who want to try it out and this is a great way to test it out.

    For instance, I just found out my next door neighbor is moving and he has two kids, his wife is pregnant, he owns a restaurant, etc..etc.. He told me "I'm going to need some movers." This is exactly the type of situation where this could work well for him and for someone like me who wants some extra income.
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