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Bike Skills for Kids (and many adults too)

H/T @apkussma

It seems to me that like many facets of today's life, too many people are blissfully unaware of some very simple rules when it comes to riding a bicycle.

Bike Skills for Kids (and many adults too)

    1. Bicycles are vehicles. Not toys.

    That means that all the vehicle & traffic laws apply to them too. The rest of this list simply highlights a few.

    2. Bicycles do not belong on sidewalks. They belong on dedicated bike ways or roadways.

    Some paths and trails used by pedestrians allow bicycles. Some do not. When on the road. The shoulder is safer if it is paved. If not, one foot inside the white line is where bicycles are supposed to be operated.

    3. If riding at night, you need lights.

    4. Hand signals exist for a reason.

    I can't remember the last time I saw a bicyclist use hand signals to signal a turn or stop.

    5. Sharing is caring.

    Bicyclists are vulnerable. They need to be aware of other vehicles operating around them. Other vehicle operators likewise have a duty to be on the lookout for and share the roadway with bicyclists.

    6. Traffic signals apply to bicyclists too.

    Remember, you are operating a vehicle.

    7. Did you start driving a car without taking lessons or learning the rules of the road?

    Not too likely. Many organizations sponsor bicycle safety clinics, workshops, and rodeos.

    8. Ignore me. I'm a hypocrite.

    I've ignored pretty much everything I just listed at one time or another. I'm also not a fan of wearing a helmet when on my bike unless I'm trail riding on a mountain bike. But at least I know better. Too many riders today seem to have never learned these basics.

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