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BIKW - Buyer Intent Keywords Research


    1. Bounce House

    I did some keyword research for a Bounce House. Someone in my area rents these out for children's birthday parties and such.
    A BOUNCE HOUSE is a springy inflatable structure often resembling a four-sided building and used especially by children for jumping for sportĀ ...
    Below I've listed some keywords as well as some questions related to bounce house rentals.
    See if you can pick out the BIKW. Test results will be provided in a few days.

    2. Bounce House Keywords

    Which keywords below do you believe are BIKW?
    • bounce houses
    • bounce house rental
    • bounce house rentals near me
    • bounce house for sale
    • little tikes bounce house
    • blow up water slide
    • inflatable rentals near me
    • bounce house near me
    • jumper rentals
    • the big bounce
    • waterslide rentals near me
    • inflatable bounce house
    • bouncy castle rental
    • indoor bounce house
    • water bounce house
    • inflatable rentals
    • bounce near me
    • white bounce house
    • inflatables near me
    • water slide bounce house
    • inflatable bouncers
    • jumpers for rent
    • moon bounce
    • jumping house
    • commercial bounce house for sale

    3. Bounce House Questions

    Which questions below do you believe have a high buyer intent?
    • how much bounce house cost
    • how much are bounce houses
    • how much are bounce houses to rent
    • how much do bounce houses cost to rent
    • how much are bounce houses to buy
    • how long do bounce houses last
    • how much do bounce houses weigh
    • how much do bounce houses rent for
    • how many bounce house deaths per year
    • how many bounce house
    • how bounce houses are made
    • how do bounce houses work
    • are bounce houses profitable
    • how safe are bounce houses
    • which bounce houses
    • what is bounce house rentals
    • what are bounce houses made of
    • are bounce houses a good investment
    • why are bounce houses so expensive
    • when did bounce houses come out
    • when was the bounce house invented
    • what happens if bounce house gets wet
    • when did bounce houses became popular

    4. BIKW

    The BIKW as it relates to Bounce Houses should lead the searcher to schedule a bounce house to be delivered to their location.
    Targeted BIKW increases clickthrough rate (CTR).
    Targeted BIKW lowers cost per click (CPC).
    Keywords without buyer intent may get you loads of traffic but it will eat up your budget very fast and your ROI will suck.
    DIY keywords are not BIKW. Targeting these types of keywords will not do you any good and will blow a hole in your pocket.
    I'm using a paid tool to do my keyword research but Google's Keyword Planner is FREE to use.
    Take your time with this step because you have to get it right or you'll be sending low quality traffic to your HCLP.
    The number of keywords is irrelevant as long as they're the right keywords, phrases, or questions.
    As you do your keyword research there may be some keywords that you want to exclude. Words like free, cheap, and diy just to name a few. 
    These are called negative keywords. Negative keywords let you exclude search terms from your campaigns and help you focus on only the keywords that matter to your customers.
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