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Biometrics Worth Tracking

If you could know what biometrics and bodily measurements were in real-time, which would be most helpful to know?

    1. Heart Rate

    2. Skin temperature

    3. Blood Pressure

    4. Body Oxygenation

    5. Body temp (in multiple locations)

    6. Cortisol level (aka the stress hormone)

    7. Melatonin level (the sleep hormone)

    8. GI activity (how fast is your gut moving, how much gas are you producing, etc) - this is a good indication of how well probiotics are working.

    Also, if you measure it every day and chart it, you can see when you have a "gut feeling" about something important and it's time to move forward. For instance, I knew I had to break up with my ex-wife when my GI system went haywire for two days in a row. There was no other reason for me to know that but my body.

    And if you measure these things over time you can also see which foods or activities affect them. For instance, I know that red meat makes my heart rate go up so I don't eat it as often now.

    Also, knowing your body temperature can be very helpful in determining ovulation or other health issues like thyroid problems.

    9. Eye Blink Rate

    this is an indication of how much information someone is taking in from their environment
    Lower blink rate means someone is more stressed out because they aren't processing what's going on around them
    This one can be used when dating someone new to determine if they are lying by watching their blink rate while they tell a story
    If it goes down too much then maybe they are not telling the truth about something in the story
    If two people are dating and one has a high blink rate and the other has a low blink rate then there might be trouble ahead since opposites attract but eventually repel each other when there is no common ground being processed by both parties
    And also, eye blink rates vary based on age group so knowing someone's age might help predict behavior better than just looking at them directly
    For instance , older people tend to have slower eye blink rates than younger people so use that knowledge when dating older women
    They will probably be less impressed with your flashy car than younger women would be

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