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"Bionic" Triathlon Gear Possibilities

Triathlon is one of those sports where gear manufacturers are always looking for ways to give athletes an "edge" and can come up with some pretty nifty ideas.

    1. Eyewear Part 1

    Swim Goggles that convert to sunglasses, saving the extra time in transition to switch from one to another

    2. Eyewear Part 2

    Augmented Reality/Heads-Up Display to show stats like pace/speed, heart rate, power meter, etc.

    3. Eyewear Part 3

    Include bone-conduction headphones for audio. These are allowed during the run, but not during the bike, which seems weird to me, as the issue (situational awareness) is the same in both sports

    4. Self-Applying/Self-Removing Wetsuit

    I had my first open water swim practice this week (in several years) and I swear removing the wetsuit was more of a workout than the 860m swim. I want to put on/take off my wetsuit like Iron Man in the MCU. OK, maybe it doesn't have to fly onto me, but it would be great if you could push a button to make it release or tighten.

    5. Electric Motor on the bike

    Just kidding. That would be cheating

    6. Active cooling in the helmet

    The helmet is a piece of gear that could actually contain something to keep cool. Heat sink technology, fans?

    7. Active Cooling in the Triathlon suit

    I've heard that some movie costumes (I think it was one of the Batman suits) had to have cool water pumped through them to keep the actor from fainting. If you had enough ice water to spare after your hydration needs, you could connect to the ice water reservoir via a nozzle in a sleeve you could stay cool while riding the bike too.

    8. Brick-Proof Self-Massaging Pants

    "Brick" workouts are when you run after a long bike workout - your leg muscles feel like bricks. The only safeguard against the feeling in a race that I know of is to train for it and be ready for the feeling - some adaptation occurs through practice. I wonder if some active, dynamic compression massaging your thighs and calves would help alleviate that awful feeling on race day and help you run faster.

    9. Combination Running/Cycling Shoes

    If you had great runners that could stiffen up and also provide a cleat for clipless pedals (that could retreat into a recess when not needed), then athletes wouldn't have to waste time in transition changing shoes

    10. Aerodynamic position feedback loop & sensor

    Aero position is when you are stooped forward with your forearms on the handlebars. You can spend a lot of money getting your bike fitted for optimal drag reduction. But a sensor that could tell you when you're in the best position as you're riding would let you optimize on the fly.

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