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I like to pause podcasts and write down notes based on what I just heard.  Here's a few I've noted over the years.

    1. The one thing

    Write down the most important point from the chapter you just read, video you watched, podcast you listened to.  These one thing's soon add up and now you have ton's of content you can share with others.

    2. Savour the moment

    Depression lives in the past, anxiety lives in the future, peace lives in the present.  Take time to look around and take in everything now.  Try looking at the areas right at the end of your sight, after a minute you'll feel a lot calmer.

    3. Don't count sheep

    If you have trouble sleeping don't count sheep, count your blessings.  You'll go to sleep a lot happier.

    4. Spelling

    Most words can be spelt phonetically, but there's many that can't.  Is it phone or fone, the original thi, there, their or their, where, were or wear?  Even though you're using the building blocks you've been taught, build words you keep getting it wrong.

    My, the, are, he, she, 

    For these type of words we should view them as Chinese characters, rather than something built from the phonetic building blocks.  They are their own blocks.

    5. Be active

    Inaction breads fear, doubt and depression.  Action breads confidence and happiness.

    6. Selling

    Selling is about helping people.

    7. Pay

    If a person pays they pay attention.

    8. Procrastination

    How do you deal with procrastination? Do whatever your procrastination on, now. It will develop a habit that you'll get started on doing whatever you're thinking, now 
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