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Bittersweet moments finding the richness in ordinary grinding life events

Inspired by Susan Cain's bitter sweet play list which I've listed to after the James Altucher pod cast episode

    1. Walking the dog when it's raining normally I struggle especially when these days are on a long streak

    Often it's ugh not again but the exercise is good and a landscap in rain isn't always a washed out grey

    2. The commute to work in the car used to fill me with dread but I listen to audio books

    It makes the journey more joyfull & meaningful instead of listening to negative news or having negative images of the day ahead my mind is in a better

    3. Family fallouts niggling arguments cross words

    But we always find a resolution so it's a case of wait it will sort itself out

    4. When a improv performance tanks there the moment on reflection and you think I would never have tried that

    There's the thought at least I am taking risks even if they fail

    5. There's the thought I missed doing my idea list on Note PD my current streak has gone

    Then logging in and realise I posted yesterday and this habit is becoming automated

    6. On a family event and realising there are relatives I don't want to talk or engage with

    But why worry about it I can still find quite moments and accept stilted conversations have their own

    7. When I limp over the line with a work task berate my self for being mediocre

    Then I realise I got through it because I showed up and get to the end because I found solutions

    8. I wake up in house that's messy a dog that's in my face wanting to be walked right now

    I'm thinking WTF is this really a life choice? then my thought is this is Luxury waking up in a warm bed a roof over ny head

    9. Looking back at my journal thinking what mundane thoughts and then coming across an insight I had

    Wow I thought that , it's still relevant and I've used that to make progress

    10. Using the bitter sweetness reframe as a gear change,when ever you feel the negativity the pain the sweetness gives value to it

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