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black gold, Texas tea

Beverly Hills, that is. Swimmin pools, movie stars.
Set a spell, Take your shoes off.
Y'all come back now, y'hear?

    1. There's an authentic teacher that never changes their mind about you.

    2. A true answer is always something you can do now.

    3. Truth never changes.

    4. The longer one gives himself to experience happiness the more difficult path he will create.

    5. An emaciated child doesn't jump with joy the minute they're rescued.

    6. You are loved by something that loves you more than you love yourself.

    7. The depths of Love are so incomprehensible to us that sometimes we just go to sleep.

    8. We're so doubting the fact that someone could love us no matter what we may believe we may have done.

    This idea blows our minds because it's so foreign to our current belief system.

    9. You never have to believe it. Just use it! The use will show (not tell) you that it works.

    10. Hearing the Truth may upset you.

    Some of these words may be hard to believe. perhaps.
    Some of these Truths are quite startling. guaranteed.
    None of that matters.
    The experience, not what you're thinking and believing, will show you that it's true.

    11. One can doubt what one thinks but experience leaves no room for doubt.

    12. If we're honest with ourselves we'd have to admit that we really don't know what anything is for.

    Help is here but it's not the kind of help we think we need.
    Our best thinking has led us to this point. The world is anything but rainbows and unicorns.

    13. The answer to your problems is beyond what you currently know.

    Make your knowing unnecessary so that the answer arrives faster.

    14. What if there's no sinners, only master teachers?

    15. Ever noticed how the pursuit of a spiritual practice is always the underdog?

    16. The ghetto neighborhood of the mind is a dangerous place to hang out.

    17. Three undeniable spells the world can't seem to break.

    The pursuit of $money as a source of happiness

    18. Is it a wise choice to judge what we don't understand?

    19. Guess what? I don't get to make the Truth whatever I wish it to be.

    I'm not a reliable witness.

    20. Everything changes when you see your own wings.

    21. When in doubt, pain, or fear.

    Ask God for help.
    Ask Love to show you the way.

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