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Book Premise Ideas

    1. An exhausted day trader finds out that after his every last trade of the day some person dies: either person's name contains a ticker symbol or the death is related to the business of the stock.

    2. A narcissistic playboy went to the parallel reality where everyone is blind and tries to win the attention of the girl he likes in a world where he can't rely on his pretty look.

    3. After his brother is captured in the Australian eucalypt forest and taken to New Zealand, a hypochondriac koala went on a journey to bring him back.

    4. Gambling-addicted friends made a bet that one of them can't convince the Dalai Lama to wear googly glasses so they travel to Tibet to check this.

    5. A broken guy gives up on life and tries to buy a deadly pills combination but listening to how confident is the provisor in her recommendations he understands that she considers giving up her life soon as well so he tries to stop her.

    6. A kid with anxiety who regularly listens to calmly sounds via a mobile app starts hearing someone talking there, calling for help. She tries to figure out how to help them.

    7. A US army officer trapped in the body of a Vietnamese army soldier during the Vietnam war tries to interfere with the death of his army friend from a different side of the conflict.

    8. A mysterious professor turns only one android twin into a real human so now sisters start to live in different worlds understanding that one of them will not exist forever.

    9. A chronicle of one father traveling the world and hooping with kids on basketball courts as a way to recover from the recent loss of his son.

    10. A train conductor finds out that all his radio announcements come true so he tries to fix his life using this.

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