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Books I will never give away and often read again

Over the years I've donated a lot of books. The first time I did it was a wrench and it felt as if I was giving away my babies. Some of the books I'd had for most of my life at that point. But, space constraints have meant that I haven't been able to keep them all. Also, over the years, I've tended to a more minimalist approach and, of course, now there's Kindle!

    1. Flowers for Mrs Harris ~ Paul Gallico

    The Mrs Harris books by Paul Gallico are great lazy Sunday afternoon reading books. I've had these a long time and have read and re-read them. And watched the film Mrs 'Arris Goes to Paris.

    2. Mrs Harris Goes to New York ~ Paul Gallico

    See above.

    3. Don’t Tell Alfred ~ Nancy Mitford

    This is one of my favourite Nancy Mitford books. Set in Paris, it's always my first choice for a re-read.

    4. The Pursuit of Love ~ Nancy Mitford

    I met Nancy's sister, Deborah Devonshire, at Hay Festival one year. She was talking about her own book and signing copies. I told her that I was a big fan of Nancy's books too and she said, Yes, we miss her.

    When she was Duchess of Devonshire, occasionally when we visited Chatsworth House we would see her walking around the grounds.

    5. Love In A Cold Climate ~ Nancy Mitford

    6. The Blessing ~ Nancy Mitford

    7. Naughty Bunny ~ Richard Scarry

    I've had this book a long, long time! I still love to look through it now. I love the cute pictures and the naughty bunny. This would be the book I would rescue in case of a fire!

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