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Book's I'd like to read

These aren't book's that exists, but type's of books that I'd find interesting.

    1. Flirting for dummies

    I don't think I'm that great.  Or maybe I am, the girls I do like always seem to know I like them.  It wouldn't hurt to up my game anyway.

    I'd like to know how to flirt without being seen as a creep.  I guess it's just a risk for the most part.  Don't hit on anyone crazy enough to see a innocent flirt as assault.

    2. How to think

    I love books that help me think about things differently.  How to fail at almost everything changed how I see goals, the 80/20 rule changed how I viewed work, alchemy changed how I viewed reason.  I want to view the world in new ways, outliers changed how I saw the best of the best.  These are my favourite type's of books.

    3. Streetwear design

    I'd like to read about the history so I can understand how the people who wear streetwear think.  This will allow me to enhance my designs and build my business.

    4. Studying

    If I can work out ways to make learning easier for my students I can teach even more too them.  I've already gathered a lot of tricks, but I'm always seeking more.

    5. Local Politics

    The thought of being a local politician and fixing up my city sound's like something I'd enjoy and find interesting.  My city hasn't gotten that much better since I was a teenager.  I think I could do a better job.
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