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Books I've read Recently that have been pretty interesting

Books I've read Recently that have been pretty interesting

    1. How To Stop Worrying and Start Living - Dale Carnegie

    Great advice even for the non-worrier.

    2. A book on the scrap metal business

    I'm moving to Arkansas. I have a brother in law there who is a "professional scrapper" I read a short kindle book on the topic.

    An interesting chapter was on obtaining commercial accounts, so maybe I'll have some good info for my brother in law when I get there

    3. The Survival Gardeners Guide to Growing Your Own Caffeine - David the Good

    In the southern USA there is an easy to grow tree called the Yaupon Holly, you can make a nice caffeinated drink from the leaves. I found this book really interesting. Having a supply of caffeine would be pretty beneficial of there were some catastrophic event and you really had to rely on yourself.

    4. The Survival Gardeners Guide to Growing Tobacco For Smoking, Barter and medicine - David the Good

    Same topic and author. Tobacco could be used for barter. Also I think cigars are pretty cool.

    5. The Obstacle Is The Way - Ryan Holiday

    Stoic wisdom. I loved the book. My favorite chapter was Get Moving

    6. How To Get Paid Far More Than Your Worth - Gary Goodman

    I had an issue with the title but read it anyway. It had good negotiation tips and some anecdotes that I found pretty eye opening.

    7. You Are Not A Rock - Mark Freeman

    The mental health manual that saved my life years ago. I reread this every now and again.

    8. Buy Back Your Time - Dan Martell

    Implementing this book and it's been extremely helpful.

    9. Power Phone Scripts - Mike Brooks

    Great ideas on moving new customers through your sales process. Also motivational to just get your calls done if you're in a position that needs this.

    10. Your Secret Wealth - Jay Abraham

    This guy is a genius.

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