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Books on my reading list

What book should I read next?

I hope that by explaining why they're on my list I can make the best choice for my next read.

    1. Talent - Tyler Cowan

    After listening to him on a podcast I really wanted to know more about how he recognises talent.

    It's about spotting it rather than developing it myself. As I've got no need at the moment to spot talent I think I'll pass on this, but will definitely pick it up when I need to find the best talent.

    Podcast I heard him on


    2. Maus - art spiegelman

    A graphic novel about the holicost. I read man's search for meaning and took away a lot from it. I don't know if I'd take away as much from a comic, but it's been rated highly so I added it to my list.

    If I feel I'd learn something new from this I'd read it, but at the moment I think I'll pass.

    3. Awareness - Anthony De Mello

    I had a quote saved my him. As I loved the quote I thought I'd enjoy the book. That's really it I know nothing about what the book is about.

    It's high on my list, but I should research what the book is actually about before I consider buying it.

    Quote - To a disciple who was forever complaining about others, the Master said, ‘If it is peace you want, seek to change yourself, not other people. It is easier to protect your feet with slippers than to carpet the whole of the earth.’

    4. You can negotiate anything - Herb Cohen /The adventures of Herbie Cohen - Rich Cohen

    Another one from a great podcast. I loved his insight and wanted to learn to be more like him /his father. I think I'm good at negotiating, but I'd love to learn to be better and this seems like the perfect book in which to learn.

    High on the list. A skill I currently want to learn and an author I enjoyed listening to. I find that if I can listen to them I also enjoy reading their thoughts.

    Podcast -;utm_source=copy-link

    5. Ask Iwata - Hobonichi /Distrubting the game - Reggie Fils-Aime

    Another podcast recommendation. I loved Nintendo during their reign and would love to learn more about that time period, from both sides. They made gaming fun again. I couldn't name any other head of gaming, but these two stand out in which anyone that knows gaming knows Reggie and Iwata.

    I hope these books would teach me to see the world /business /gaming through their eyes. Like Steve jobs, they thought differently I hope to learn from these types of people. Both high on my list.

    Podcast -;utm_source=copy-link

    6. Don't trust your gut - Seth Stephens

    I love data and this book seems to be packed with it. Another podcast recommendation. I really enjoyed the conversation and love how he used data to build the best life.

    This is really high on my list. Currently first place.

    Podcast 1 -;utm_source=copy-link

    Podcast 2 -;utm_source=copy-link

    7. Build - Tony Fadell

    This guy is a genuis, who also sees the world differently. The type of person I want to become. This is yet another podcast recommendation (I think I'm starting to see a pattern).

    This is high on my list. I don't make products, but I'd love to learn what makes great ones so I can attempt to in the future.

    Podcast 1 -;utm_source=copy-link

    Podcast 2 -;utm_source=copy-link

    8. Connect the dots - Dr. Christian Busch

    Scott Adams talked about creating your own luck (Eg. your more likely to get a high paying job in a big city than out in the middle of nowhere) and I really respect his work. This sounded similar and would provide me with even more ways of creating my own luck. I can't remember how I came across this (probably a podcast).

    This is up there, I think I get the basic idea so not sure how much more I'd learn from reading.

    9. Just Keep Buying - Nick Maggiulli

    Data driven book on economics. I can't remember why I added this. I'm playing the long game with crypto, but I don't have the money to invest in lots of different things.

    Maybe I've mis rememberd why I added this book. I should read up on it again, but at the moment this is low, I don't see myself learning anything that will benifit me from this. I'll check out again once I'm making more money.

    10. Doublespeek - William Lutz

    The concept sounds fascinating (saying one thing but meaning another), but I listen to the author and he sounds really boring. I get the premise and I think I'm good at spotting 'Doublespeek ' already, so I think I'll pass on this.

    11. No Rules Rules - Reed Hastings

    Another podcast recommendation. I enjoyed the way he saw the world. The story of Netflix.

    Aother podcast recommendation. I enjoyed the way he saw the world. The story of Netflix.ther podcast recommendation. I enjoyed the way he saw the world. The story of Netflix.

    I'll need to check if it's a how to think book or if it's a history of Netflix book. The history books bore me and I give up with biographies for similar reasons.

    Can't remember the podcast

    12. The last lecture - Randy Pausch

    A lectures last lecture on how to live. Sounds like I'd learn a lot from this, but I know nothing of the author. I'd have to research them first to see if they sound like someone is enjoying reading.

    Low on the list, but might get higher after research.

    13. Wooden - coach John wooden

    Recommended by someone in tribe of mentors - Tim Ferris.

    I can't remember anything else about this. So it's low. Maybe after research I'll place it higher.

    14. The happiness Advantage - Shawn Achor

    15. Smartcuts - Shane Snow

    16. Drive - Daniel Pink

    17. Getting to Yes with Yourself: And Other Worthy Opponents - William Ury

    18. The Science of Storytelling: Why Stories Make Us Human, and How to Tell Them Better - Will Storr

    19. Eat that frog - Brian Tracy

    20. How spies think - David Omand

    21. The hidden persuaders - vance Packard

    22. Based on a true story - Norm MacDonald

    I love Norm. I think I'd enjoy this more as an audio book than reading it though.

    High on my list.

    23. Superfans - Pat Flynn

    24. The almanac of Navel Ravikant

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