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Books Pending in my Kindle

I follow Ramit Sethi's advice to buy any book you're interested in reading. So I am not lacking in books to read next. Following are some of the books piled up on my kindle. I could not sit in my living room if I bought the physical copies.

    1. Be Your Future Self Now

    Dr Benjamin Hardy. I love his You Tube channel and I've read his previous books

    2. The Pathless Path

    Paul Millerd. This was a podcast recommendation I think.

    3. Of Charms Ghosts and Grievances

    I love Aliette De Bodard. She weaves Vietnamese culture/ Science Fiction/ Fantasy together to take you to other worlds. Right now she's writing a lot of novellas, but I'm hopeful she put out a full length book soon.

    4. Reality Transurfing I-IV

    Recommended by Altucher on his podcast

    5. The Orchard Keeper

    I have never read Cormac McCarthy in spite of being wowed by the movies made based on them. This is his first. I think I will read his entire work, if I can stand it.

    6. In Emergency, Break Glass

    Podcast recommendation.

    7. Let Your Life Speak

    Recommended by a colleague in a Writing course. He is a thoughtful person and so far, it's a good book.

    8. Raine

    Got this from a SciFi Bundle. The cover is pretty and I think it's written by a Black woman. No deep reason.

    9. The HourGlass Throne

    I love this series. Based on the Tarot coming alive in a Fantasy World. Well-built world. Fun characters.

    10. The Earned Life

    It's Marshall Goldsmith. You read his books.

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