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Boring Day

I wanted to do a lot today.  I ended up doing not that much.  The day's not over, but I don't see much else getting done.

    1. Sleep

    I had a long sleep.  I went back for a nap as well.  I'm not sure why I'm so tired, maybe I just pushed myself to hard over the last few days.

    2. Curry pizza

    I used chicken curry as a substitute for a tomato base.  Garlic naan for the base and cheese for the cheese.  It turned out alright.  I'll need to try a thicker nann next time, this one was too thin.

    3. Ukulele

    I played some Bob Marley songs today.  I think I'm pretty good at them.  I'll practice some more.  Looks like I've found a few new kareoke songs.

    4. Walk

    I walked around the town centre.  A shop assistant was amazed that I wasn't cold.  I'm really not feeling it.  I think it's the cold showers I have, even they don't feel as cold as they first did.  I thought that the boiler had been adjusted or something I guess my bodies just adapted to the change.

    5. Read

    I'm reading super-forcasting a book about making better predictions.  So far I've learnt that the medical industry didn't start using the scientific method until after WW2.  They worked on hunches.  They did this because they didn't want to give one group good treatment and another bad treatment (even if the tests would then prove it's far better).  

    I'm really enjoying this book and I'm still on chapter 1.

    6. Podcasts

    I listened to the spaces with Alex Jones, Elon Musk and a bunch of other famous people yesterday.  I loved it.  Today I listened to Steven Crowder and Alex Jones talk about that podcast and now I'm listening to Scott Adams.  I really enjoyed the X space's it felt more like a group chat than a podcast it was nice, I'll need to listen to more in the future.

    7. Bath

    I'll run a bath soon.  Hopefully I've more energy tomorrow to get some task's done.
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