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Brainsparker 2022-08-28

... shuffling extra long today ..

    1. how do you want things to be?

    Inflation to stop; gas prices to go down; and I would like the markets to rebound robustly since I am retiring.

    2. 0

    No! It is not 0 yet. It is 3 - 3 days left of work. I should have drawn the 0 card on September 1.

    3. what ideas could you test today?

    I am so so far behind in book reviewing. Can I do some catch up on the weekend? I have to turn this into a side hustle after 9/1/22. Yesterday, I organized my book reviews in my main Obsidian vault and settled on the YAML structure. Pretty happy with yesterday's progress.

    4. whom does your protagonist love the most?

    Gads! I don't write fiction of any sorts. I write very technical textbooks. Never had a protagonist.

    5. if you could have your own exhibition, what would it be about?

    I have has my own exhibition(s), of my experimental watermedia work. What I have tried to get on paper is my struggle - and using color, texture and shape to convey that struggle. Ultimately, much of the struggle resolves in love, after conquering the pain and roadblocks.

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