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Brand Collaborations I’d Like to See

I work as a content manager and part of my job is creating partnerships for my client. Here are some that just make sense.

    1. Spotify x Starbucks

    I'm old enough to remember when Starbucks use to sell CD's and think each Starbucks has its own flavor due to the music it plays. The idea is to print Spotify QR codes on Starbucks cup taking users to a custom playlist curated by Spotify/Starbucks.

    2. Yeti x Blue Moon

    Blue moon is my favorite beer and Yeti is my favorite cooler. Would love to see a Blue Moon designed Yeti cooler at BBQs.

    3. Uber x LinkedIn

    Imagine getting in a car and having an instantantly network with someone in your industry. Can also be implemented around big conventions/industry events 

    4. Gatorade x Fitbit

    This can really be any smart watch and any energy drink but think about being able to reach a fitnes goal and being awarded with a supply of energy drinks

    5. Goodyear x Nike

    Use material from old tires to make shoes.

    6. Tinder x Linkedin

    There was an app called Shapr where users could swipe left/right to network. I didn't like it because the algorithm was funky. Using the scale of both LinkedIn/Tinder, create a feature where you can swipe to network. 

    7. Pelaton x Netflix

    Pretty simple-utilize Netflix IP for pelaton themed rides. Imagine doing a class with Netflix stars or Netflix shows. Can additionally put Pelaton classes on Netflix.

    8. Apple x Adidas

    Using adidas as a placeholder for an athletic company but in Apple health tech into the gear

    9. Moleskin x headspace

    A large part of mental health is journaling. I use a moleskin notebook but imagine having one with prompts to help with journaling. Headspace can create a journal where they ask users questions and give them a framework to write

    10. Southwest x Disney

    Southwest Airlines has the most flights flying to Orlando, home of the magic kingdom. Great way to get visitors ready for Disney is by having part of the Disney+ library on flight. 

    11. Barstool x

    I'm a bit of a chess guy (username is 123Ezstreet) and would love to see chess grow. Think using the personalities of Barstool and the chess would would be a good match. Magnus Carelson, one of the greatest chess players of all-time, is a bit frattu (he's know to stream himself play chess while intoxicated...and still win) Would be fun to see El Presidente and Carelson play a game 

    12. Headspace x Nike

    Nike is all about helping athletes perform on the court but there's also performance off the court. There is a massive movement of athelete's mental health and think Headspace can help.

    on the flip side-moving is good for your mental health. Include light exercises from Nike into the headspace app

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