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Burbathlon Thoughts

H/T @apkussma

I love this idea. As someone who hates exercise but loves the idea of parks that have installed exercise trails; I envision this as a way that cash strapped communities could incorporate some of these principles in a planned manner.


    1. Parks and their maintenance can be an expensive for towns to maintain.

    2. Existing parks or recreation areas may not be suitable for such renovations.

    3. But every village has other public spaces that they also maintain.

    4. Imagine an “exercise trail” that instead of being at the park, was spread around town or down the length of main drag.

    5. Bus stop benches of varying heights.

    6. At each intersection, paint a square that is reserved for pedestrians that want to perform cardio while waiting for the green

    Jumping jacks, jogging in place, etc.

    7. A bike rack could be designed to also be used for other exercises.

    You could also have bikes available for rent by time or per trip.

    8. Paint a stretch of sidewalk with various balance / pattern / games.

    Hopscotch, balance beam, step on the dots, etc.

    9. Who could avoid a random set of monkey bars.

    10. Cemeteries are green spaces with built in obstacles

    PLEASE Be Very Respectful.

    11. A town could simply use the classic burbathlon method.

    Tour the town. Find appropriate existing apparatus, obstacle, etc. Publish a guide for people to follow. 

    12. Bonus: A town could even have two or three routes based on ability, variety, length, or difficulty

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