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Business ideas for over sixties

    1. Online course creation and selling

    I did this in 2014. I made a course about investing called "The Stockmaster". It was free. The first month 30,000 people signed up. I charged $500 for the next month and then $1000 after that.

    2. Consulting

    People always want to know how to start a business, raise money, etc.

    3. Writing ebooks

    There are many sites where you can write an ebook and sell it on Amazon and other places.

    4. Podcasting!

    I've done this twice. First with my podcast "Note To Self" (we won a Webby award) and more recently with "Idea Sex" which is about entrepreneurship but I interview sex experts so it gets more views than most entrepreneurship podcasts.

    5. Twitter ads for businesses or individuals who want to grow their audience on Twitter

    This is what I do now to make money. I help people get tens of thousands of followers on Twitter for marketing purposes or just because they like having an audience there. I charge about $2000 for 10K followers plus all the ongoing services that go along with it such as posting, etc.

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