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    1. Symbols

    I've noticed that people like to wear hats with a simple logo on it.  To make it fit the overall self improvement theme I could come up with symbols that represent some quotes/Virtues/habits etc .  

    Maybe I could make religious based merch and share different aspects from different religions that I like.

    2. Music

    I could make designs around lyrics that I like.

    I like the idea of having just one colour for these designs with the t-shirt serving as the second colour.  A punk/pop art feel.

    3. Daily thought

    A little something each day.  I'll probably start off poor, but who knows how good my posts will be if I manage to keep it up for a year.

    4. Course

    A course based around beating depression. Or at least reducing the impact

    This is basically what my comics are to be fair.  Maybe I can just make more of them.

    5. Book takeaways

    Take photos of notes.  Have AI extract the words.  Stick all those note's into ai and have them make a blog post out of them.  Easy.

    I could also use Amazon advertising thing and link to the products, meaning I can make some cash with each sale from my site.

    I could also make new designs based on these lessons and share them on the same page.

    6. Podcast

    I could read my blog posts and add commentary.  Short lessons would make a great series.
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