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Some of my old notes. No time today to write a proper list, sorry.

    1. First

    When you launch a new product, the first question you should ask is not 'how is this new product better than the competition?' but 'first what?' in other words, what category is this this new product first in?

    2. Experiment

    If you notice a problem or think you're able to improve something then encourage experementation. Not everything will work but you'll always be able to learn something from it. This encourages growth and keeps the creative minds happy within the company.

    3. Experience

    Give out 'lucky clothing'. Kids will link this with luck and confidence and because of that they will perform better with it.

    People remember experiences so make the business an experience. Make it fun and different from the moment they walk in until they leave.

    Always make sure people leave happy and they'll want to return in the future.

    4. Stories

    There are only four stories : a love story between 2 people, a love story between 3 people, the struggle for power, and the hero's journey.

    5. Customers

    Customers will feel closer to your company if

    They share the companies values,
    They perceive it to be authentic,
    They can count on the company to always do the right thing,
    They think it's cool

    Focus on keeping the emotional connection with customers

    Have yearly (personal) updates with customers to remind them you still care.

    Send hand written letters. Thanking people for using your product
    Spread more love

    If people feel loved and associate you with that feeling they'll do more for you and more love will come your way as well.

    Have a thanks board.

    Share thanks on social media.

    6. Exercise

    Encourage exercise. Exercise and diet are the quickest way to make people feel happier. When people are happy they are more productive, why? Because they want to make sure they never lose the happiness.

    Japan has daily workouts as a team before work. If you all do yoga together or any group exercise they will associate the benefits of feeling good after exercise with the team and work.

    Buy them something that will help remind them to exercise (yoga mats are cheep). Then they will be reminded that they should stay healthy and every time they use it they will be associating the good feeling with work.

    Do a group cycle. This can help with advertising (if you all wear uniform) and like before it leads to everyone feeling like a team and associating happy feeling with the team.

    7. Staff

    People need to know their purpose. And how their individual work matters to the bigger picture.
    Ask them to think about it and come up with their own answers. Help them to expand the list. The more they feel they matter the happier they will be. And you knowing that you're staff matter will lead to a closer bond and a more solid team.

    People need to be working towards something otherwise depression will hit. So make sure you talk to staff about where they'd like to be in a year. Then make sure they have something small they can do each day that helps lead to that goal. Doesn't need to be work related as they will associate their progress with you /work and all that happiness will come back to harder working staff.

    You should want people to grow to the point they can run their own business . Make them love the company so they open their own branch and you continue to make money off them.
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