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Business Strategies

What could I do to help boost my business?

Business Strategies

    1. Limited Time

    Clothing will be printed for a limited time period. 1 month and then they're gone. I can reuse the design on posters and other merchandise for longer, but clothing only lasts a short time. This increases scarcity and increases the value of the clothing.

    I already have enough designs to do this for a year.


    Downsides - I can't reuse designs in the future. This will force me to always be working on new designs.

    2. Pub Crawl

    Pubs are a great place to meet new people. If I give my pals an item of clothing each and we hit a few pubs wearing them people might ask about them and we can then link them towards the store. If they're happy the might even buy the item there and then.


    3. Bands

    Ask bands to wear my t-shirts.


    4. Comic-Con

    Buy a booth and sell stock there. Link people towards the online store if I don't have their size.

    5. Stand-up

    Wear a t-shirt when I perform stand up. It's unique enough that if people like it they'll ask about it/seek it out.

    6. Mental Health Classes

    I designed them to get people to think better. Who needs it more than those suffering with mental health issues?

    7. Facebook Groups

    I could share a photo of my clothing along with my insight on the quote. If folk ask about the clothing I can share my link with them.

    8. Tinder

    I could take good quality tinder photos for friends wearing my clothing. This gives people swiping the impression that my clothing is far more popular than it is.

    9. Online Class

    I'll redo all my advice videos (And More) wearing my clothing. I'lll use chatgpt to write better descriptions for the videos to hopefully bring in a wider audience.

    10. Competition

    I could give out prizes for whoever shares the best photo wearing my clothing. A gift voucher each month? This works if I sell a lot. If sales are small I'd be losing money doing this.

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