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Businesses I Will Not Invest In

Sometimes it is better to know the things to avoid rather than the things to invest into.

    1. Home Builders

    I live 5 minutes from the D.R. Horton headquarters and I still would not invest in the business.

    There are too many elements they cannot control. Feast and famine.

    2. Small or midsize oil buisnesses

    I am even skeptical about the long term prospects of the big oil businesses. But avoid the small ones. The small and midsize I believe will eventually be gobbled up or go out of business.

    3. Fitness

    Peloton. Fitbit. Fitness businesses never seem to work out for the shareholder.

    4. Clothing stores

    High competition. Fickle shoppers.

    5. Movie theaters

    If they were a little more innovative I might consider it, but not the way they are now.

    6. Pet stores

    I will be a shopper, just not an investor.

    7. Dating apps

    The user base can drop the app at a moments notice. And there are a million dating apps.

    8. Cosmetics - Skincare

    I don't think I will ever know enough about this space.

    9. Crypto miners

    I think they will be valuable, but it will be a wild ride.

    10. Physical mining companies

    I do not understand the metrics.

    11. Shipping companies

    I do not understand the metrics.

    12. Gold

    This may change someday. But I only want companies that will provide either cash flow or growth.

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