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Businesses Ideas for Cyprus

    1. Angie’s List

    Cyprus does not have a system in place to enhance accountability and transparency for handymen, etc. This leads to difficulties with not finding people for projects, or being charged the “foreigner” fees.

    2. Incomplete Construction Buy&Sell site

    After 2008, Cyprus felt the housing market crash like a ton of bricks. Many houses and projects were abandoned, and sometimes people find abandoned housing projects they’d like to finish. So a place to list and sell these incomplete houses would be great.

    3. Graffiti Bar

    Abandoned sea view café is covered in graffiti. Business owners don’t want this place even though it has the most amazing location.

    Maybe cater to the graffiti community and give them space where they can connect and create graffiti with intention.

    Maybe sell cans of spray paint and hold contests offering the café itself as a canvas.

    Canvas Café.

    4. Beachcombing service for hotels

    Every morning in Marina del Rey California, a giant tractor cleaned the beaches. This is not done here, but it would improve the beaches and would serve to attract visitors to specific beaches associated with restaurants, cafes, and hotels.

    5. Cat catch & Spay service for hotels

    Hotels struggle with cat colonies. Tourism is the lifeblood of the Cyprus economy. Taking care of the population of cats through a catch and spay program could benefit the hotel and reduce guest frustrations.

    6. Humane Hotels Certification

    Create a certification program that audits and certifies hotels as being humane towards the animals on their premises.

    This could also piggyback off of a catch and spay service.

    7. Clean Coalition Bulky trash pickup monthly service

    Monthly service fee for bulky trash pickup. This way, Cypriots can opt to place their trash on the sidewalk for pickup rather than the back of their houses begging to be piled up.

    8. Trash pickup jobs for teenagers

    Create jobs for young teenagers with their parents permission. Could be part of an after school program or community project.

    Hormonal teens get more time to see eachother in groups on the weekends and get paid.

    9. Monthly Goat Grazing Lawn And Fire Prevention service

    Add your address to a site for a small fee to approve of goat herders servicing your lawn with goats. This simultaneously reduces the cost for the lawn maintenance and reduces fire hazards in fire-prone areas.

    10. Drone and Apple AirTag service for finding animals

    Set pet owners up with apple airtags, and in the event of a fire or lost animal, attach apple phone to drone to search for locations of missing animals.
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