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Businesses that will do well in today's housing market

I'll go first, since I value eating my own dog food.


    1. Modular / Space Saving Furniture

    Renters with growing families will need to find ways to make their current living situation sustainable. Furniture that allows them to more optimally use space could be a winner

    2. Tenant Friendly Redecorating

    Landlords don't like serious modifications to their property. But tenants might not be happy with their current space. Cheap, non-invasive ways to redecorate like temporary wallpaper might be an option

    3. Financial Engineering

    I don't want to sell my house and have to buy a new house with a higher interest rate. The seller is in the same predicament. Maybe there is a way we can 'swap' houses with eachother or others to avoid giving up good mortgage rates

    4. Reskilling

    If I'm being blunt, I don't envy real estate agents in today's markets. Many made out with a killing over the past few years and are able to hold themselves over for now. But,. in time, if the current conditions persist, real estate agents may be looking for new jobs. They'll need specifically gravitate to roles that match their skills, desire for flexibility, and compensation expectations. This might be a good idea for another challenge.

    5. Return to Office

    People hate feeling trapped. Pre-covid, offices felt like a prison because you had to be there. Now, work from home is more acceptable. But if people feel trapped in their own homes, they may want to get out more. Ironically, this might include returning to an office. Also, if the job market sours, people will be more eager to put in face time to preserve their job.

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