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Businesses that would interest me

I'd go there.

    1. Cats & Plants

    I like cats, I like plants. Cats like plants. All the plants here are cat-safe. All the cats are plant-safe (hah), no they aren't but that's the joy.

    2. Peanut Butter &

    Don't go here if you have a peanut allergy.

    3. Speakeasy but it's books

    The front is an old fashioned soda fountain. The back is the coolest f'in bookshop you've ever stepped into.

    4. Your local breakfast spot

    I love breakfast. I want to try the best breakfast spot in your town.

    5. *Added by my bestie: Nap & A Snap

    When you need to take a nap in a snap.....(I have thoughts about this one).

    6. Tony's Espresso Bar

    Clearly I'm in the office today. My colleague has an espresso machine at his desk, even though we have an espresso machine downstairs, cold brew on tap, a Keurig, a Nespresso or whatever that is, and about three thousand coffee shops in this city. He's living up to his Italian stereotype (he's from Italy).

    7. A Cozy sweater & your favorite animal shop

    Good luck if your favorite is a great white shark

    8. Adult playgrounds

    But cooler

    9. Give & Get Food Shop

    You buy food and also leave food for those in need

    10. Outdoor Shop & Gym

    Get your gear, but also do your thing.

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