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businesses to start for lazy people

    1. A service that buys and sells domain names.

    The idea is that you come up with a bunch of good domain names (like "jamesaltucher.com") and then put them all in a big list in the app.You also put in what you think each domain name is worth (or let the app do it based on sales history).Then people who need a good domain can go to the app and see which domains are for sale.They can make an offer, the person who owns the domain can counteroffer, etc. The app takes a small fee for every transaction.

    2. An Uber for delivery services

    For instance, if I'm out of milk I would put in my order for a gallon of milk and where I am located.The delivery service would send out an army of people to deliver one gallon of milk to everyone who ordered it.They would charge $1 per delivery but they would make it back on volume so they wouldn't have to charge too much for the milk.This is just an example! There are many other things you could order delivered this way: food, laundry, etc.

    3. An Airbnb for office space

    Say you are having employees come into town but don't want to pay high prices at hotels or Airbnbs.You post your office space as available for rent by day or week or month depending on what you want and how much you want to make off of it.The app matches up employees looking for space with offices looking to rent out their space (and split the profits).

    4. A dating site where people pay money to set up dates between their friends or acquaintances they think might be compatible

    Let's say Jane wants her friend Bob to meet someone she thinks he will like (but she doesn't want him going on OkCupid).She puts his profile on her site along with some info about why she thinks he will like this particular girl (or guy).If the girl likes Bob too then she pays $100 to set up a date with him (and splits any further proceeds 50/50 with Jane),$100 seems like a lot but if two people really liked each other then it's worth it because they can immediately start planning their wedding instead of wasting time on online dating sites that never work anyway."Dating sites" like this could be used even among co-workers or business associates because there is no romantic connection so no worries about sexual harassment lawsuits or anything else (although I would still not recommend using this site within your own company).I came up with this idea while talking about "speed dating" but I guess now we call it "dating apps".

    5. An Uber/Lyft/etc but instead of cars, people will drive around packages that need delivered from Amazon Prime Now style stores near me.

    A person could open up an account and become a driver by registering their car and getting insurance through the app (and paying monthly fees). They could get paid based on number of deliveries made per month plus tips from customers when deliveries are made., Customers place orders through Amazon Prime Now style stores near me .They pick items off shelves at these stores and put them in special lockers outside various Amazon Prime Now stores around town,. When drivers pass by ,they take boxes out of lockers,. Then deliver them wherever needed., Drivers get paid based on number of deliveries per month plus tips from customers when deliveries are made.. This saves time since drivers don't have to wait in line at stores .And saves money since drivers don't have pay extra fees per package being shipped via Amazon Prime Now style delivery services., Note that there are already companies doing something similar called Shipt ,but they only do groceries so this idea is different

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