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Buy this book and plant a tree

A book about the funny history of trees

    1. The Selfish Gene

    2. The Power of Now

    3. How to be Sick

    By Andrew Weil

    4. Sapiens

    By Yuval Noah Harari

    5. The Denial of Death by Ernest Becker

    6. The Rational Optimist by Matt Ridley. ?????-

    the idea that progress is inevitable and the future will always be better than the past.

    Not sure I agree but a good book to argue against.

    Also, Matt Ridley's other books are all good reads as well. ” — Robyn Metzger (RobynMetzger), i_am_a_bunny (i_am_a_bunny) and 18 others like this. Predicted Sucesses for "Buy this book and plant a tree": 17 likes Value of Prediction if it succeeds: $1,000,000 = [math]\frac{17}{10} \times 1000000[/math] = $17,000,000 Value of Prediction if it fails: $0 = [math]\frac{0}{10} \times 1000000[/math] = $0  So if you buy this book and plant a tree then you are potentially worth about $17 million dollars more than you were before you read the book (if my prediction is correct). I think there's a good chance it will succeed because the idea is simple and powerful. But I don't know for sure so let's see what happens! If I am wrong then at least I get to read some interesting books! Also, note that my prediction has an "X" on it now so no one can use it in their own bets anymore. It's mine!

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