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Buying Data (Over 5,000 Words) - Approx. Reading Time 16.7 minutes

I'm neither a data analyst - one who makes sense out of existing data nor am I a data scientist, one who works on new ways of capturing data to be used by analysts.
I am knowledgeable on how to buy data.
What is the future of lead generation? - The future of lead generation is predicted to be data-driven, highly dependent on automation and optimization, multi-channeled, and orchestrated with an emphasis on the customer's needs.
Lead Generation is Projected to Account for US $295.1 Billion of the Total $829.6 Billion Industry -
This idea is not only awesome but it's very simple and easy to understand the way I'm going to explain it. If you get lost in the woods just remember the Holy Trinity.
Every business idea generated on this platform needs to know about this or have somebody on your team who knows.
You'll be able to write checks on demand. You can live anywhere in the world because they only thing you'll need is a WiFi connection, your cell phone and a laptop/tablet. No commuting or office politics required.
If you currently do any marketing for Business to Consumer(B2B), Business to Business (B2B) or affiliate marketing you can't afford not to read this.
The practicality of the idea is in it's simplicity.
Marketing means movement. Nothing has occured until a conversion has been made.
1. Proof of concept for yourself. 2. Generate leads for chosen niche. 3. Give away 5 FREE Leads. Simple, right?
Vending Machine Concept - generate targeted leads (on demand) in which technology dispenses such leads to the end buyer without much direct human intervention in the process.
Learning how to buy and interpret data will give you a tremendous boost in confidence. Your information will not be based on what your client, mother, or father thinks. It's based on what people are actually doing in the marketplace. It's based on what people are actually typing into their browsers to find a service or product.
He who touches the money first wins!
The Holy Trinity - 3 Main Components. (1) Choosing the Right Keywords and Search Terms (2)A High Converting Offer with a Properly Structured Landing Page (3)A high converting Ad campaign.
Through out this idea I'm going to pretend I want to generate leads for a junk removal service in Dallas, Texas. I know a lot about this industry. I consider junk removal to be a dark horse among home services.
Waste Management in the U.S. is valued at $75 billion each year with junk removal amounting to $10 billion each year. Plus, waste management never sleeps and its recession proof.
Patience - You have to allow the evolution to take place. If you get the foundation wrong you will swear that what I've shared with you doesn't work. It's not you, it's the foundation that needs to change - Landing Page - Keyword Research - Google Campaign

    1. The Go-Givers Mindset.


    The foundation of this idea is built on the Go-Giver's Mindset

    The Law of Value - Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment.
    The Law of Compensation - Your income is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them.
    The Law of Influence - Your influence is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them.
    The Law of Authenticity - The most valuable gift you have to offer is yourself.
    The Law of Receptivity - Th key to effective giving is to stay open to receiving.

    2. Puzzle Piece #1 Buyer Intent Keywords (BIKW)

    There are four types of keyword intent:

    1. Commercial “high intent” intent

    These are "Now Buyers"

    It signifies a strong intention on the part of the searcher to act (to buy, join, subscribe, etc.). Usually, these will be keyword phrases containing the following modifiers:

    • Buy (online)
    • Coupon (code)
    • Deals
    • Free shipping, etc.

    People are most likely to commit to purchasing as a result of these types of searches.

    Here are some example keywords with

    2. Informational intent

    Informational intent indicates that the searcher is looking to find out more about the product or service offer. It’s not a good idea to try sell anything to them outright, but these relationships could be developed over time by collecting emails. Queries with purely informational intent could contain the following modifiers:

    • How to .....
    • Why . . .
    • Best way to ....
    • History of . . .
    • Anatomy of . . .
    • What do ....
    3. Transactional intent

    Transactional intent lies somewhere in the middle of commercial and informational intent. These search queries can represent both the purpose to buy and to read more about the concept. With the right content and setup, these searchers may buy things or be convinced to buy somewhere further into the conversion funnel. These queries may include words like:

    • Reviews
    • Vs
    • Best
    • Top 10 . . .
    4. Navigational Intent

    Keywords that contain brand names signal navigational intent, meaning a searcher knows exactly where they’re headed. Brand name searches are your assets. If a person types in your brand name when searching, they already know exactly what they want; you just need to give that to them.

    • Junk King North Texas
    • College Hunks
    • 1800GotJunk
    • Two Men And A Truck

    3. No Keyword Left Behind

    A spoke is a bar or rod that connects the center of a wheel to its rim. The purpose of the spokes is to support the structure of the wheel.

    Wheel - Junk Removal

    Spoke #1 - Somebody who's junk-hauling looking to hire a Junk Removal Company. "Now Buyers" Exit strategy - Sell buyer leads to local Junk Remover.

    Actual search terms:

    • what does it cost to have junk removed
    • will junk removal take paint
    • what does junk removal cost
    • what is the cheapest junk removal service
    • how much does junk removal cost
    • what does it cost to have junk removed
    • how much to get junk removed
    • does junk removal cost
    Spoke #2 - Someone who is not yet ready to hire a Junk Removal Company. "Not Now Buyers". Exit strategy - have them opt-in for a FREE Junk Removal Guide. Send them valuable information until they become a customer or they opt-out. Use a super signature with every email that's sent.

    Actual search terms:

    • how junk removal works
    • how much should I tip a junk removal
    • what do junk removal companies do with all the junk
    • how to prepare for junk removal
    Sample Super Signature Example
    PLUS: Whenever you're ready to lighten your load and reclaim your space here's how we can help:
    1. Pick up any of your old appliances for free.
    2. Try the new Decluttering Quiz.
    3. Join our donation drive.
    Spoke #3 - Someone who is looking to get more leads for their existing Junk Removal Business. Exit strategy - sell junk removal leads to other Junk Removal Companies or generate leads for my own company or do BOTH.

    Actual search terms:

    • where to find junk removal jobs
    • How do I market my junk removal business?
    • How do I advertise my junk hauling business?
    Spoke #4 - Someone who wants to start a junk removal company. Exit strategy - sell an online course on everything you need to start your own junk hauling company.

    Actual search terms:

    • Do you need a license for junk removal in Texas?
    • how to junk removal business
    • Do you need a license to haul junk in Texas?
    Spoke #5 - Someone who wants to rent a dumpster. DIY Junk Removal. Exit strategy - sell leads to local dumpster rental company.

    Actual search terms:

    • What is the smallest size dumpster to rent?
    • Construction dumpsters for rent
    • Cheap dumpster rental dallas
    • Dumpster rental dallas cost
    Spoke #6   Brand Targeting - Exit strategy - sell junk removal leads to other Junk Removal Companies or generate leads for your own junk removal company.

    Actual search terms:

    • Junk King Dallas
    • Junk Shot Junk Removal
    • Haul Away Junk Removal Service, LLC
    • Wee-Hawll Junk Removal Services
    • Anytime Trash Removal
    • Lolo Hauling Junk & Trash Removal
    Spoke #7   Someone who wants to work for a Junk Removal Company. Exit Strategy - Sell leads to a local job placement agency.

    Actual search terms:

    • where to find junk removal jobs
    • junk removal employment
    Spoke #8 - Someone who is looking for Search Engine Optimization "SEO" Services. Exit strategy - Sell SEO services but outsource client fulfillment.
    Actual search terms:
    • Junk removal marketing
    • Junk removal SEO
    Spoke #9   Someone who needs Websites/Landing Pages/Google Business Profile/Social Media. Exit Strategy - Sell the building of websites and landing pages and outsource the fulfillment. Offer to manage a business social media profile but outsource fulfillment.

    Actual search terms:

    • Google Business Management Service
    • Google My Business Consultant
    • Social Media Manager Freelance

    4. Puzzle Piece #2 - High Converting Landing Page (HCLP)

    Discovery Round - Collect the bare minimum information to get the conversion. Go wide not narrow. For example, in the discovery process, I may only collect the name, email, and phone number.
    Launch Round - Only after you've discovered the "honey pot" keywords do you build out your Google Ads Campaign only targeting your "honey pot" keywords. They've already proven to have high conversions with commercial buyer intent. In this round, I would add a few more fields.
    You would need to build landing pages for each spoke mentioned above to grow this business model as large as you wish. However, only focusing on one spoke is sufficient to fund any desired lifestyle.
    In the launch round the optin form may look like this: name, email, and phone number, property address, items needing remove, date needing the service done. I added three more fields to a landing page with a converting keyword or phrase.
    K.I.S.S. - Keep It Simple Simon.
    One call to action (CTA) . Optin or Exit the page.
    No more buying traffic and sending it to a sexy websites with poor conversions.
    Irresistible Offer - An irresistible offer is simply a strategic structuring of your products and/or services where the value-to-cost ratio is value-heavy. Meaning that the value of your offer FAR exceeds the cost to access the value.
    Make your target customers an offer they simply cannot refuse. Usually, it comes immediately after the lead magnet.

    The "HAMMER" Method

    • Highlight positive results from others - ex. social proof
    • Address a specific problem - focus on one specific problem your audience has
    • Minimize risk - minimize risk for the prospect. ex. Free Leads - Results In Advance
    • Motivate immediate action - You want the prospect to feel compelled to take the next step sooner rather than later because you never know if this is your one and only shot at getting the lead or closing the deal.
    • Employ easy-to-understand language - use simple words to explain it with a benefit-driven copy.
    • Require minimal effort to obtain - make the offer easy to obtain. Usually, people are willing to exert more effort only if the value of what they would be getting is much higher than what they have to do to get it.

    Sample Offers

    • “Free Gift with Purchase” promotion.
    • Pre-launch promotion campaign.
    • Branded bundle offer.
    • Discount for new customers.
    • End-of-season sale.
    • Limited-time promo offer.
    • Clearance sale.
    • Newsletter signup discount.
    • Free Appliance Pickup.

    5. Step #3 - Properly Structured Ad Campaign (PSAC)

    Creating A Properly Structured Ad Campaign

    Types of Keywords
    Exact match: Show an ad only when the query is the exact same as the keyword.
    Phrase match: Also show the ad if there are extra words before or after the keyword.
    Broad match: Show the ad so long as all the keywords are part of the search, regardless of word order.
    o co

    • If there are a lot of search terms I will use exact match only.
    • If there aren't a lot of search terms then I'll search for exact and phrase match.
    • Set bid and budget.
    How much do you bid on the keywords?
    Every keyword will be associated with a cost per click (CPC).
    The CPC for personal injury attorney's in Dallas is $245.51 and I would never bid that. 

    That means that every time someone clicks on the PI attorney's ad he's charged $245.51 whether the clicker becomes a client or not.

    Start low and slow.
    I usually bid 60 - 70 % off the ad rate.
    If I were running ads targeting "personal injury lawyers" in Dallas I would bid around $75 a day for the first 5 days to see if I could impressions or clicks.
    I'm trying to see if Google will give me any impressions or clicks.
    If I don't see any clicks or impressions after 5 days I will increase my bid.
    You must exercise patient and give the advert time to collect the data.

    Creating Your Ad Copy

    Don't overthink it.
    Always get inspiration from the High Converting Landing Page (HCLP).
    You want people to feel like they're in the right place when they land on your HCLP.
    The ad copy's only purpose is to help increase the conversions when people land on the HCLP.
    You want to make sure you check the box that says "Generate Variations" so the "honey pot" keywords can be dynamically inserted. 
    This will help increase the clickthrough rate (CTR) because the searcher will see the same phrase they typed into Google dynamically inserted into your ad.
    For example, If the searcher typed "same day junk removal" and then landed on a HCLP with the heading "SAME DAY JUNK REMOVAL" can't you see how that would increase the conversions.
    BONUS TIP: People think they need the largest bid to win but that's not necessarily the case. It much more important to give the searcher exactly what they're looking for. End Search.  
    You are rewarded by Google with the lowest CPC and High Clickthrough Rate CTR because you're giving the people exactly what they want. 
    This reduces your Cost Per Conversion and the end you get a better Return On Investment ROI.
    This is why all pieces of the puzzle must come together for this to work.

    6. Running a digital marketing agency with ease

    CEO -the primary responsibilities include making major corporate decisions and managing the overall operations and resources of a company.
    Prospecting - is the process of identifying potential customers, finding them, and creating a base of leads with the goal of further communicating and converting them into paying customers. Prospecting is sometimes defined as lead generation.
    Sales & Marketing - Marketing consists of strategies and processes that generate prospects for the sales team and customers for the business as a whole.
    Client Management - is the process of overseeing and coordinating an organization's interactions with its clients and potential clients.
    Client Fulfillment - refers to business strategies used to get products and services to consumers.

    That's quite a few hats to wear if you're a solo operator.

    The only area you need to be focused on is the CEO level and here's why.

    Prospecting - One of the reasons I love the model that I'm sharing with you today is because you have what businesses want. LEADS - Butts In Seats. A steady flow of leads is the lifeblood of any business. You'll have an endless supply of leads in whichever niche you plan to explore.
    Sales & Marketing - Most businesses, especially local businesses, are poor at generating leads on a consistent basis. Many of them still use ineffective ways to generate mediocre results. It's very difficult to be good in your area of expertise and also be good at marketing. This is where you come in and offer something to them that no one else is offering - FREE leads. Essentially you are helping them earn money before they ever spend a dime with you.
    Client Management - There is zero client management. If you're able to generate quality leads for a local business and they are profiting off those leads there's not much to talk about. You generate the leads and send them to your client. The client works the lead and turns it into a sale (or not) and you get paid. The leads come in through your high-converting landing page and are delivered to your buyer with zero interaction from you unless you're delivering the leads through a manual process.
    Client Fulfillment - The product or service is automatically delivered to the prospect without the need for human interaction. This makes it easy to scale.

    In the beginning, most of your time will be spent building out The Holy Trinity.

    (1) Choosing the Right Keywords and Search Terms
    (2)A High Converting Offer with Properly Structured Landing Page
    (3)A high converting Ad campaign.

    7. What would you do if you only got paid when your client gets the results promised?

    You would underpromise and overdeliver.
    You would offer less. For example, if I know that I could generate 25 qualified leads to you on a weekly basis, I would only promise you 5 or 10 leads. When I deliver 25 to you, you're going to be blown away.
    You need to get into the mindset of, “what would I do if I only got paid when my client gets the result?"

    Once you start thinking as if that’s truly the case… or even better… as if your life actually depends on you getting them to win...

    All the fluff fades away.

    Your personal interest is perfectly aligned with your client’s interest.

    You must create an environment where everybody gets a W.

    Why does marketing have a bad reputation?

    Because too many people are over-promising on results and timing. Clients are not getting results with services being delivered.

    8. 10 reasons why most businesses fail.


    9. The Big Four Home Services Lead Generation Companies

    Angie’s List - In the fiscal year of 2021, the annual revenue of Angie's List's parent company, ANGI Homeservices Inc, was approximately 1.69 billion U.S. dollars. On May 2, 2017, IAC, owner of HomeAdvisor, announced that it had agreed to acquire Angie's List for $8.50 per-share, valuing the company at over $500 million.
    Yelp - In 2021, the revenue generated by local business review platform Yelp amounted to over one billion U.S. dollars, up from 872 million U.S. dollars in the previous year, and closer to the annual net revenue generated in 2019.
    HomeAdvisor - HomeAdvisor's estimated annual revenue is currently $338.7M per year.(i) HomeAdvisor's estimated revenue per employee is $196,000. On average, HomeAdvisor charges from $15 to $100 per lead.
    Thumbtack - June 15, 2021 Thumbtack raised $275M on a $3.2B valuation to double down on home management.

    Other Notables in the lead generation space for home services:

    Porch - Porch increased its revenue outlook for the full year from $178 million to $184 million, which would represent 155% year-over-year revenue growth.
    Nextdoor - Nextdoor, a neighborhood social network founded in 2011, reported revenue last year of $123 million. It lost $75 million in 2020.
    Houzz - Houzz peak revenue was $340.0M in 2021. With more than 40 million homeowners companies in the home services industry view Houzz as the trusted platform for generating high-quality leads.

    10. Exit Strategies

    Sell non-exclusive leads on a per-lead basis. Charge a $100 setup fee and sell the leads for $10 - $15 but sell them to 3-5 businesses. The first one to contact and close the customer wins. This is a very common practice within the lead generation space.
    Sell exclusive leads. Charge a setup fee of $500 and a monthly retainer depending on the niche being serviced. With this model, one local business would get all of the leads.
    Hybrid model - Charge a setup fee of $500 plus a percentage of sales attributed to your marketing expertise. With this model you have a vested interest in the business growing. As they earn more money so do you.

    11. How to give away 3-5 FREE Leads.

    Top Local Markets - Those with High Customer Value and are already spending money on advertising

    Personal Services:

    • Cosmetic Surgery (lots of sub-niches)
    • Mental Healthy/Therapy
    • Tattoo Removal
    • Spa/Health/Beauty
    • Dentist, Oral Surgery
    • Chiropractor
    • Automotive/Car Repair, Tire Shop, Car Detailing
    • Photographers
    • Pets (veterinarian, dogs, etc)

    Big Ticket Purchases:

    • Cars/Trucks
    • Boats
    • Motorcycles

    Professional Services: (can sub-niche)

    • Attorney (ex: divorce, drunk driving, personal injury, class action, mediation, etc)
    • Accountant/CPA (ex: IRS audit)
    • Insurance (car, boat, home, life, etc)
    • Computer Repair
    • Real Estate
    • MortgageEvents:
    • Marriage/Wedding (planners, photographers, dresses)
    • FuneralCatering


    • Roofing
    • Landscape
    • Lawn Care
    • Sprinklers/Irrigation
    • Tree Removal
    • Pest Exterminators
    • Handyman
    • AC/Air Conditioning/Heating (HVAC)
    • Electrician
    • PlumbingPainting
    • Remodeling (kitchen/bath)
    • Home Theater
    • Pools/Spas/Hot Tubs
    • Sun Rooms
    • Carpet Cleaning
    • House cleaning
    • Wood floor repair/installation, flooring
    • Window coverings
    • Garage Door
    • WindowsClosets
    • Locksmith
    • Foundation
    • Concrete


    Choose three local service providers in your chosen niche.

    When you generate a new lead call service provider #1 and say, "Hey, John I have a lady on 123 Main Street that needs her garage full of junk and it needs to be cleaned out can you help her?"

    If the answer is "Yes" I'll give John her information and then I hang up. I don't even tell John who I am. At this point, it doesn't even matter because I'm trying to help John put some money in his pockets.

    Right now I'm waiting to see how John is going to handle the FREE lead I just gifted to him.

    The next lead I generate I'll call up the #2 service provider and repeat the process.

    The next lead I generate I'll call up the #3 service provider and repeat the process.

    I'll repeat this same process until each service provider has received a minimum of 3 FREE leads, not to exceed 5.

    By this time a few things have occurred without putting forth much effort.

    1. Law of Reciprocity - this law states when someone does something for you, you feel obligated to reciprocate or do something in return for them.
    2. The business owner is wondering who is this guy sending me all these qualified leads for free and how can I continue to receive them.
    Depending on the number of leads I'm generating this entire process can happen in a few hours or a few days but nothing longer than that. If you aren't generating enough leads something is broken in the system. Either you did improper research, your landing page isn't converting, or your Google ads are set up improperly.
    At the end of the Free leads process, John wants to know more. I simply tell him this is what I do for fun and if he'd like to continue receiving these types of leads it will be......

    12. Scaling Up

    Once you've "cracked the code" in a niche you will be able to scale up rather easily. It's merely just copied and pasted.

    Let's assume I'm running a campaign for a junk removal company in Dallas. I'm generating 60 leads per month (2 per day) for Dallas junk haulers.

    I could sell the leads that I'm generating at a cost of $15/lead for non-exclusive to 3 different junk removal companies.

    60 leads/mo x 3 junk removal companies x $15/lead = $2,700/mo on autopilot.
    Now I take the same profitable keyword list, landing page, and Google campaign to top 10 cities in Texas and I rinse, lather, and repeat.
    So I've just turned $2,700/mo into $30,000/mo focusing on one niche in one state. I could duplicate this process in other Texas cities or move to a completely new state. These are highly conservative numbers.

    1 Houston 2,288,250

    2 San Antonio 1,451,853

    3 Dallas 1,288,457

    4 Austin 964,177

    5 Fort Worth 935,508

    6 El Paso 678,415

    7 Arlington 392,786

    8 Corpus Christi 317,773

    9 Plano 288,253

    10 Lubbock 260,993

    13. What to do if you lack the marketing chops (right now)

    If you'd like to put this idea into practice here's what I recommend starting today:

    1. Develop good habits consistency is the key. It's not what you need to do that's important. It's more important to concentrate on what you plan to do consistently that really matters. For help would this I'd recommend you read Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results by Stephen Guise or Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones by James Clear.
    You will need to learn how to do keyword research and how to construct a high converting landing page and ad campaign. There are tons of mini-courses and training online to assist you with this.
    If you don't want to learn any of this on your own then I'd suggest you find a "Who" not try to learn the "How." The Who brings the How with them. Check out Who Not How: The Formula to Achieve Bigger Goals Through Accelerating Teamwork - Dan Sullivan  (Author), Dr. Benjamin Hardy (Author)

    The top Keyword Research tools:

    • SEMrush is a complete SEO tool suite to carry out keyword research and improve your SEO rankings.
    • AnswerThePublic presents keywords in a nice visual format although you can also see them in a list or download a .csv file of results.
    • Ubersuggest is a free tool from Neil Patel that offers search volume data, keyword suggestions, an idea of how difficult your keyword will be to rank for (keyword difficulty), and more.
    • Ahrefs is another popular keyword research tool that offers similar features to SEMrush. Using Ahrefs keyword explorer, you can come up with keyword ideas simply by typing a keyword into the search box.
    • Long Tail Pro shows an overview of data about your keyword, with a particular focus on how you rank against your competitors on the first page of Google.
    • Google’s Keyword Planner is really designed for use by advertisers who want to run their ads on Google. However it’s still a useful tool for SEO, and unlike other paid tools, this is free to use.
    • Moz Keyword Explorer is a keyword research tool that helps you find profitable keywords and organize your keywords into lists.
    • QuestionDB is not a regular keyword tool, it is a tool that lets you search a huge collection of user questions to get original ideas for new content.
    • Jaaxy is a keyword research platform offering tools for keyword research and competitive analysis for keywords. Jaaxy is the industry's only keyword and research platform that was developed by affiliate marketers FOR affiliate marketers.
    • Keyword Surfer is a 100% free extension that allows you to see search volumes directly in Google search results.
    Many of these companies that offer keyword research will also teach you how to do proper keyword research for free.

    Other areas where you will need training are landing pages and Google Ad campaigns.

    High-converting landing pages. You must be able to construct a landing page that converts visitors into customers.

    A good landing page provides all the necessary information needed to encourage visitors to convert, but nothing extra. Too much info can overwhelm visitors, so keep it simple and provide only the essential information that will guide visitors down the funnel.

    Properly structured ad campaign (PSAC). Quality is the key here. Literally.

    Google assesses every ad's bid amount, keywords and landing pages, and gives a Quality Score from one to 10. The higher the score, the better your rank, and the better the chances of conversion.

    Use The Pomodoro Technique

    1. Identify a task or tasks that you need to complete.
    2. Set a timer for 25 minutes.
    3. Work on a task with no distractions.
    4. When the alarm sounds, take a 5-minute break.
    5. Repeat the process 3 more times.
    6. Take a longer 30-minute break and start again
    Spend 25 minutes learning how to do proper keyword research, understand the elements of a good landing page, and understand Google Ads manager. If you'll do this for 30 days you'll know more than 95% of the business owners you speak to. Recap: 75 minutes a day becoming obsessed with the Holy Grail for 30 days.

    14. Manual vs Software

    Keyword research can be done manually but it's labor-intensive and time-consuming.
    Building high-converting landing pages can be built from scratch but using tools like Clickfunnels or Lead Pages simplifies the process.
    Building high-converting offers in Google Ads manager is doable but generating hundreds of ad groups in a matter of minutes, not days or weeks simply cannot be achieved without the use of some software.

    I say all this to say everything I've shared with you is doable without software, but nearly impossible to scale if you aren't able to leverage your efforts without software.


    • You need to be able to generate landing pages very quickly.
    • You need to be able to do thorough keyword research quickly and accurately.
    • You need to be able to test your hypothesis quickly.
    • Most importantly you need to be able to generate hundreds of ads. You need to split-test the ads, keep the winners and ditch the losers.
    • You need to be able to properly track keyword search terms that are creating conversions. You'll also need to track your Cost Per Lead, Cost Per Conversion, and Cost Per Click.
    • All decisions are based on the data collected not your personal opinions.
    • Data drives the decision-making process, not emotions.

    15. Most businesses understand their Return on Investment (ROI) but are totally asleep about their Cost of Inaction (COI)

    Conversion is a process not a point in time.
    Fall in love with the process not the end result.
    Do you have a tested and profitable conversion process?

    If a business does not have a tested and profitable conversion process they don't have a business, they are winging it. And you can only wing it for so long before the doors start to close shut.

    A tested and profitable conversion process (you need both) is nothing more than a Marketing Funnel.

    Nothing happens until a conversion is made. If you understand this you won't look at the results, you'll look at the evolution of the result.
    Businesses want to leap frog their way to success and profitability but it doesn't work that way.

    How long does it take an acorn to become an acorn? Two years.

    How long does it take for a watermelon seed to become a watermelon? 70 -100 days.

    Everything big was once small.

    Isn't it disheartening that most people will not give themselves the same amount of time to learn a new skill as it takes to grow a watermelon?  And asking for a two-year commitment is out of the question.
    There are no shortcuts to learning how to buy data and generate leads on demand in any niche you enter. And if shortcuts are available you must be willing to understand how the process works first before a short-cut shows up. This can only be done through experience.
    The Cost of Inaction (COI) focuses on making change and how to get unstuck.
    There's a noticeable gap in most businesses. They currently find themselves at Point A but they really prefer to be at Point B.
    All conversations with the business are focused on getting them unstuck. What needs to happen for them to get from position A to position B.
    It's time the business has a new perspective. It's obvious that their current view of their business is not getting them to Point B where they really want to be.
    COI is not focused on the sale, it's focused on the changes the business owner wants to see happen in their business. This is a game-changer!
    • Get a sense of where they want to be in a month, a quarter, or a year from now.
    • Who's their ideal client?
    • What's their dream-come-true experience?
    • What kind of leads would be a perfect match?
    • What's important to them in a relationship?
    • How much money would they like to make a month?
    • How much time off would they like every calendar year?
    • Why do they think they don't already have the money and life they want?
    • What will happen if this predicament doesn't change?
    • What will happen 6 months from now if they don't change what they're doing?
    • What other things are they lacking that prevent them from giving and receiving more of what they deserve?
    You need to build rapport. Rapport - a close and harmonious relationship in which the people or groups concerned understand each other's feelings or ideas and communicate well.
    • Current monthly earnings: $5,000/mo
    • Desired monthly earnings: $30,000/mo
    • Gap: $25,000/mo
    12 months from now if the business takes no action (which they probably won't) they will have grossed $60,000 for the year. They don't know what they don't know.
    12 months from now with a new marketing strategy they are earning $30,000/mo or more. You do the math. How much money is the business owner leaving on the table by not choosing to change?
    They not only lose boatloads of cash each month but also miss a host of opportunities. A lot of wonderful things happen when you're moving in the marketplace. By not making the change necessary they're stuck.
    COI is provable and demonstrable because the client is telling you exactly what they want.

    16. Takeaways

    What's your biggest takeaway from this idea so far?
    Could you use this in your business?
    Could you flip a high-converting funnel in your line of work?
    Could you sell a $30,000/mo client?

    17. Only 3 things will stop you.

    1. Perfectionism - refusal to accept any standard short of perfection. Not finishing what you start. Not Shipping.
    2. Procrastination - delaying or postponing taking action on something. Not Starting.
    3. Leap Frogging - trying to bypass traditional stages of development and not understanding the process hoping to achieve good results. It won't work. You must learn and understand the process.
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