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Cafe Business

Friends where talking about opening a cafe.

With nothing planned these are my initial thoughts to make sure it's successful.

    1. Pancakes

    Really easy to make. Cheep, quickly made and everyone loves them.

    Nowhere close does pancakes, giving us a unique selling point.

    Toppings may take up space fruit, syrup, ice cream. Could they be used for something else?

    2. Merch

    Wear our hat /braclet ect. For a discount.

    This acts as free advertising as well as a way to make extra cash from merch.

    Merch will take up space. Limiting it to a set no. Per month makes these things rare, increasing their value. Selling less may result in a bigger profit.

    3. Rice dishes

    It's really hard to find a lunchtime rice (or noodle) based dish here.

    If a sauce is made it can be topped on top of any side and work (rice, noodles, pasta, chips, nachos).

    Rice is healthy than chips. Pasta provides energy. Marketing these dishes to the gym crowd may pay off. Is there a restaurant based around fitness? We could be it.

    4. Protein shakes

    If we do market to the gym crowd, protein shakes seems like an obvious sell.

    We could use the fruit from the pancakes to produce different shakes.

    We could also sell protein bars.

    5. Menu

    I'll leave that to my friends.

    It should be simple, limit ingredients needed in order to free up limited space. Can ingredients be reused?

    Could any items be made from home and stored in cafe?

    6. Play podcasts

    Most places play music. What if we played podcasts? Would people stay longer in order to hear more?

    Staff can learn as they work.

    People will come just to hear what podcast is on today.

    7. Team up

    If we market towards fitness. We could team up with sports classes. Advertise them, whilst they advertise us.

    Merch could be sold to them.

    8. Library

    The current location being looked at is too small for this, but if we got somewhere bigger I think this would be good.

    We can share our favourite books with our customers. This allows us to build a stronger bond with them, educate them and keep them in the cafe for longer.

    If this is the case music may be a better option than podcasts, as talking could be distracting. Is there a way for both?

    9. Insta worthy

    Make food look so good, it's worth sharing.

    Have a fun photo location (statue, frame, painting ect) outside with our name logo. Encourage people to take photos and share the cafe.

    Maybe we could have a competition for those who share a certain hashtag (change weekly /monthly)

    We could have a digital photo frame sharing photos with our hashtag. People may come just to see their photo.

    10. Social Media

    Involve customers. Have short interviews with them.

    Share their photos. Encourage them to take a photo with merch somewhere cool.

    Share cooking videos, share podcasts /books to get a bigger audience /build a stronger bond than just another restaurant would.

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