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    1. I have my wits about me.

    I'm not senile.
    I'm capable of thinking clearly.
    I'm active.
    I'm calm and rational.

    2. I ask myself what is death?

    Death is the ending of everything.
    Death is the ending of my relationships.
    Death is the ending of all the things I've put together in my life.
    Death is the end of all experiences.
    Death is the end of all the knowledge I've acquired.
    Death is the end to all the idiotic musings.
    Death is the end to a meaningless life.
    Death is the end to a meaningful life.
    Death is the end to an intellectual life.

    3. Death says to me- "no more, your time is up."

    I'm so frightened.
    It can't be so.
    I've done so much.
    I have so much left to do.
    Oh my, what do I do with all my cars, houses, money, and jewelry?
    What am I to do with my mid-century furniture?
    All the pictures, selfies, and memories are no more.

    4. I am so identified with form.

    My identity is defined by how much money is in the bank.
    I am my car, my bank account, my children, and my pets.

    5. Death makes a clean sweep of all my established roots.

    Is it possible for me to die while I'm alive so I can live fully?
    Not suicide, of course, which is a poor attempt of trying to circumvent the problem.
    Is it possible for me to end each day getting rid of everything I collected?
    There's a stark difference between continuity and ending.
    Continuity cannot be reborn, renewed, or clear. 
    Continuity can only revive itself.
    Continuity withers and dies but I continue to revive it.
    Continuity is the same pattern being completed in a different way.

    6. God's plan is very profitable.

    I live with death daily. I let go of the already gone past.
    I want to end everything I have done or collected - pain, sorrow, guilt, and fear - end it.
    Ending is more important than continuiing. Ending war is more valuable than continuing it.
    Ending is the beginning of something new. After war has ended, peace abides.

    7. We've made a real mess of things.

    We organize to clean up the mess.
    The mess is a mirror image of our collective thoughts.
    We do this politically, socially, economically, and religiously.
    When what we've invented doesn't work we invent another organization.
    We never clean up the mess yet we refer to it as progress.
    We have thousands of institutions but they never solve the problems.
    We have the Unitied Nations - but war has never ceased.
    We depend on new leaders, new gurus, new fads, new policies, new chuches, new organizations, and new faiths.
    But the real question is "can you live with complete total and holistic freedom?"
    Can you stand completely alone?
    In such freedom is love and compassion.
    Intelligence with no end.
    God is immense. Give her a test drive.

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