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Can You Release Your Self-Image? (3 min 33 sec read)

You've been hurt.
Someone said something that hurt you. 
Maybe it was the little boys and girls or perhaps it was your parents.
Maybe when you were at University your English professor told you that you were not a good writer and she hurt your feelings.
Now you're 50 years old.

    1. The hurt is behind you.

    And you're asking, can that hurt, hurt? 
    Can something old, ancient, and in the past hurt?
    Or can the past be totally wiped away? Right? 
    That's a question that lies before you.

    2. Not through analysis.

    The analyzer thinks he's different from the analyzed. 
    The analyzer is not hurt, but the analyzed is hurt. 
    What is being analyzed? Images.
    We are image makers.
    Stay with me.

    3. The analyzer who thinks he's not the hurt, who thinks he's separate, is going to examine the hurt.

    But the analyzer is the hurt, too.
    So, the thinker who thinks he's separate from the world is going to examine the world.
    But the thinker is the world, too. Right?
    They're the same.

    4. Analysis is unreliable when it comes to freeing the mind from hurt.

    When one sees the analyzer, is the analyzed, the charade is over.
    Every conceivable hurt that one has had since the beginning of time is result of an image.
    No image = No hurt.
    But I'm getting ahead of myself.

    5. Analysis is unnecessary.

    Why do you keep your hurts?
    The hurt is you, right?
    If there's no more hurt, there's no more you.
    Who would you be without all that hurt?
    What kind of payoff are you getting by extending hurt to yourself and others?
    What are the pros?


    • Emotional pain
    • Strained relationships
    • Stagnation
    • Not present
    • Physical health problems
    • Reduced happiness

    6. The million dollar question is how can the hurt be dissolved in one fell swoop?

    Not leaving a single scratch.
    A clean slate.
    Cut off at the head.
    So we must first begin by defining the meaning of hurt.
    What is hurt?
    Who is hurt?
    The image you have about yourself is hurt.
    You think you're an overly attractive woman and suddenly someone comes along and says, "Oh, my dear don't be silly."
    This remark hurts you because you have an image of yourself as being beautiful, competent, intelligent, clever, and the rest of all that nonsense.
    And someone comes along and says you're an ugly woman you're hurt.
    The image which you have created about yourself is hurt. Right? 

    7. Is it possible to not have that image about oneself?

    That is whether the hurt is in the past, present, or future. Let's cover all bases.
    Because as long as you hold an image about yourself, somebody is going to step on it.
    Somebody is going to push your button.
    Why has your brain, your mind, created this image about itself?
    It has been created because, in that image, there is safety and security.
    If there is no image, whatsoever. What am I?
    You are afraid of being no thing.
    You are afraid of being a thought in the Mind of God.
    You're frightened. 
    You're terrified to death.
    So, you cling to your image. 
    And the world is going to stomp on it. 
    They will do so politely, kindly, and with the best intentions.
    And you want to stop it because you are hurt.

    8. The many manifestations of images.

    Is it possible to live without holding a single grievance?
    Is it possible to live without holding onto a single image?
    Images being your opinions, your aggressiveness, your physical violence, your advice, your verbal abuse, your attack, et cetera. 
    If there are no images, there's nothing to trigger.
    If you hold no image at all right now, the past, the hurt is over.

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