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♋ 6 Things About Cancer

And now we head into a solstice of summer (at least for the Northern hemisphere), and thr time of Cancer the Crab is upon us! Hopefully my baby stays asleep long enough for me to finish this post lol.


    1. Protective

    Defending oneself if not others from the many turbulences in life comes naturally if one has the means. If that means one might have to take the more proactive and aggressive position to do so, then so be it.

    Sometimes it doesn't feel so much as voluntary work as it is being constantly forced into confrontations. Is one being taken for granted as a shield to be battered? And when this is discovered, will this shield be used to batter the ungrateful?

    2. Romantic

    Nurturing the soul with dreams and wishes to be fulfilled while replenishing the body with food and care. Oh the many things that can be done to achieve happiness, and may it be everlasting!

    Bitterness can taint everything if the many wistful streams of nurturing waters are interrupted. All that time spent filling up that bucket with all one can, only to have it spring a leak or be kicked over could cause a tidal wave of emotion in return.

    3. Prepared

    It won't do to try to achieve comfort and happiness only to have it slip away. No, things must be in place to keep it all afloat! More money, more stock, more bandaids, more security! A storm could be coming any minute, so being able to batten the hatches and cling for dear life at a moment's notice is only prudent, after all. Future self will be thankful for this contingency.

    Building a fortress in the shape of one's anxieties doesn't always have the best curb appeal. In fact, it may tend to look more like a hoarder house. Take care to actually be living a life and not creating a tomb.

    4. Receptive

    As much as it seems to others like the world is passing by without one's notice, the currents and changing tides are actually being constantly read and felt. There is a lot that is being taken in and considered, especially the feelings of loved ones and all their needs.

    While this sensitivity can also come off as a weakness, those close and worthy enough to get past the defenses get access to this deep well of knowledge and intuition, and perhaps most importantly, someone who understands what is needed and can provide it.

    5. Sentimental

    Emotions leave deep imprints on the soul, long after the mind forgets the fact. A bond of loyalty is created each time the heat of emotion touches one's life, and a reactivation of all the senses rebound in an echo. It is easy to become a collector of objects, stories, or even people because of that familiar pang that reminds one of the past or a home one once belonged to.

    Loyalty to the past can prevent the ability to engage in the present and move into the future. Maybe homesickness can be alleviated when one tries to build a new home.

    6. Enabling

    Being of service to others and receiving praises for one's hard work gives a sense if purpose. Even if one isn't in the limelight, being able to assist others in achieving it is a good reflection, isn't it? To be able to help and take joy in the successes of others and bask in their shine makes one modest and generous, and many would deeply appreciate this gesture as not enough in the world are willing to lend a hand.

    Understand where the true goal will lead before helping and guiding others toward it. One's loyalty and assistance will not necessarily be rewarded, well-regarded, or even ultimately helpful if it only leads to misery in the end.

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