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Catching up with NotePD

I've had a tidal wave of stuff come at me. Something big with my day job, insane snow accumulations, we had to say good bye to our dog Trixie, it hasn't necessarily been overwhelming but very challenging. In the middle of all the weather, the battery on my Tundra died. I sheared off the shackle on my plow that goes on my ATV. A buddy welded it back on the next day and a couple of people did some plowing on my road which I'm grateful for but it's been a lot and the work thing could be serious, we'll see. I write about it when it is resolved.


    1. If you could communicate with your pet

    A challenge from @valheart. We've had a lot of dogs over the years, some of whom had a lot of anxiety or other neuroses. One thing I would want to communicate about is trying to understand their issues and tell them why they don't have to worry about it. Of course it would be great for them to understand our words when we tell them we love them. They do understand the tone of our voices of course and our gestures.

    2. Should people go to college

    A challenge by @chris407x. This used to be a no-brainer until the costs went out of control and before the internet offered the opportunity for people to seek out essentially the same info. I'm not sure how you credential someone who is self-taught though. I'm sort of self taught on several subjects meaning I sought out the information from people who know more than me so I believe in it without question but this is not an easy thing to resolve. I'm grateful that taking on six-figures in debt for a degree was not something I had to sort out.

    3. Ever had a crush on a fictional character

    An anonymous challenge. Kim Richards when she was on a show called Hello Larry a long time ago. More recently she was part of the cast of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. My wife loves all the real housewives shows, she watches a lot of college basketball and MLB and I watch a lot of real housewives. When Richards was on the show I always made the same joke, "you know I had a thing for her once upon a time, but the bloom is off that rose now." Sorry Kim.

    4. What the most embarrassing thing you've ever done in public

    In 4th grade I burst out laughing during a clarinet solo.

    5. What do I need to feel at peace

    A list by @BillBergeman. My 2 cents


    6. How do I take advantage of a stock market crash?

    A list by @harnessmoney. If the stock market goes down a lot, buy. Don't think of trying to catch a bottom, instead think of the long term benefit of buying after a 30% decline. If you buy after a large drop, you might end up being "wrong" for a couple of months, but a couple of years later that purchase will look very good. Anytime I've done this personally, I just bought a broad based index fund, not an individual stock.

    7. If you could bring back any canceled TV show, which one would it be and why?

    A challenge by @paolo. My second favorite show of all time is Deadwood. That show ended abruptly. It would have been nice to wrap it up a little better with a 4th season. They did make a movie that took place about 15-20 years later. If I spent more time, I could probably come up with many others.

    I'll add one tweak on the challenge to say they should go back and completely redo the last season of Lost. It was such a great show but the way the ended it was dreadful, as if they got all different writers to end it or something.

    8. What is the craziest conspiracy theory that you believe in or find interesting?

    An anonymous challenge. I think the evidence is overwhelming that big pharma and the food industry are out to make us sick with addictive food and then give us drugs to "manage" our illnesses forever. Draw your own conclusions but the whole thing is repulsive. Opt out by weightlifting and cutting carbs and processed food.

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