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Challenge: Need suggestions to make Tys.the.Fresian (TikTok account) have viral videos. We have one already.

Don't have TikTok, downloaded it just for this challenge. I say that, so you know I have no knowledge of why something works or doesn't work but will share my thoughts.

    1. Music

    There is a very similar video that has not gone viral yet. I think the difference may be the music. The music in the viral video is slower, mellow, and a bit moody. The singer is also female which I think lends its self to the female horse relationship being show cased in the video. For whatever reasons I think the song Dreams by Fleetwood Mac would be a good song to use in one of your future videos.

    2. Not Made for TikTok

    Most of the other videos have that "made for TikTok" feel. This video felt like you were looking into the rider's life with her horse. The horse did not take center stage, the relationship between them did.

    3. The Dream

    The life being depicted here is a dream that many people have and will never be able to obtain. Play into that dream. The video showing her getting delivery of her horse has also done well. She states that this has been her dream since she had her first pony. Again the dream that many will not be able to have so they will live it through this account.

    4. Relationship

    A quick look at the comments shows that the account is drawing in females. If this is your audience then I would concentrate on the relationship between the horse and the owner. In some of the other videos is shows other people training the horse. Though those videos are real life they take away from the owner horse relationship. I guess you could get away from that by having the trainer handing the horse back to the owner and then the owner talking about how beautifully the horse did in training.

    I guess that's all I got. Someone had mentioned showing the horse running free I think that is a great idea. With the right sound tract and not having it looked over produced it would be beautiful. I feel any video showing a loving relationship between the horse and owner will do very well. Also many comments on the horses mane. I would play into that also.

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