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Challenge: Need suggestions to make Tys.the.Fresian (TikTok account) have viral videos. We have one already.

Robyn just started the account yesterday. Tys is a horse. Fresian horses are particularly beautiful and used a lot in movies because of their hair. Tys already has 5,000 followers and one video with 400,000+ views. It's this one:

https://www.tiktok.com/ @tys_the_friesian/video/7180833768607911211?is_copy_url=1&is_from_webapp=v1&lang=en

Then there's another video with about 30,000 views, then the rest have about 2000-3000.

What makes the 400,000+ one so special? I have some theories but curious what people think.

And what other videos can she do that will have similar effect. Or what other best practices should Robyn follow. She's going to make some more TikTok videos tomorrow and she'll be with the horse.

    1. Is it the right use of "animal video"?

    I think this is an important question. I don't know the answer but would love to see data.

    2. Is the horse cute?

    3. How was the editing done?

    Was there a lot of slow motion, etc?

    4. Was there a plot or story?

    For instance, in the 400k view video, there's a plot where Tys is being taken away from Robyn and she has to get him back.

    5. What other viral animal videos can we study?

    The Pug Life video has over 200 million views. Here's an article about how they made it: https://www.inc.com/marc-moritz/how-the-pug-life-went-from-zero-to-200-million-views.html

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