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Change the world with little effort

How could we improve the world with little effort?

    1. Stop sharing nonsense

    We've all seen the minion picture's with nonsense quote's on them.  Quotes like 'if they can't handle you at your worst they don't deserve you at your best '. You'd treat the person you love the same as someone you hate and if they can't handle that they don't deserve you?  That mindset is psychotic.

    People sharing this nonsense probably aren't smart enough to see it as nonsense, but pointing it out/not sharing yourself should reduce the effect they have on people.

    2. Share useful advice

    Everyone's suffering and looking for ways to improve their lives that's why nonsense spreads so fast.  People believe it's helpful.  

    When you come across something that helps you or changes how you think, for the better.  Share it.  Surely you'd rather live in a world where everyone is smarter/happier.  Right?

    3. Smile

    You'll feel better and it'll make others who see you feel better.

    4. Philosophy wall art

    Instead of stupid menchies of your name or 'f the police ' share a quote that will get people to think about the world in a new light.  What we read affects how we think and see the world, seeing more good would have a huge impact on the world.

    5. Teach therapy in schools

    Teach kids different methods on how they can avoid feeling crap and how they can endure through crap times until they feel great again.

    We'll all go through tough times, so why aren't we preparing kid's on how to deal with them?  

    6. entrepreneurship

    Kid's should be taught how to start up their own business and work with eachother to make it work.  Time's are changing the corporate ladder is dying, it's unfair to raise kid's to live in a world that will be long gone by the time they're adults.

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