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Changing Shirts, Changing Perceptions. (2 min 20 sec)


    1. Meet Adan, the man with the green shirt on.

    In his daily life, Adan encounters people around him, both familiar faces and strangers, and he sees them as mirrors or messengers. But what does this mean?


    2. Imagine Adan standing before a mirror. He expects to see his green shirt reflected back at him.

    Now, here's the interesting part: Adan firmly believes that he didn't choose to put on that green shirt because of the mirror. He knows the mirror isn't making any decisions for him; it simply reflects what's there.

    3. Adan can try all sorts of tactics—pleading, arguing, or complaining with the mirror, expressing his dislike for the color green, but guess what?

    The mirror remains steadfast, reflecting that green shirt. The only time it'll show a blue shirt is if Adan decides to take off the green one and put on a blue one.

    4. So, what's the takeaway here?

    The mirror, or in a broader sense, people who might drive Adan a bit crazy, provide him with valuable feedback. This feedback is precise, accurate, relevant, and important, not as adversaries but as a reflection of the unconscious guilt lurking in Adan's subconscious mind.

    5. You see, we all learn and grow through our interactions with others.

    These interactions, or feedback, allow us to change our minds about people and, more importantly, about ourselves. Just as Adan doesn't give the mirror equal power to decide his shirt color, he also understands that he alone has the authority to make decisions for himself.

    6. In Adan's world, his outer reality is a mirror of his inner condition.

    It's a powerful reminder that our perceptions and experiences are shaped by our own choices and beliefs, not by external forces.

    7. So, whether it's the mirror or the people around him, Adan understands that they are simply messengers, providing him with valuable insights.

    In this understanding lies the power to change and grow.
    I am sorry.
    Please forgive me.
    Thank you.
    I love you.
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