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Chapter 23 What To Tell Your Kids (or 10+ Rules For Living A Good Life)

You never really know a person until you've lived with them.
Skip The Line - Who's Line?
Is the Line Real or Imaginary?
If the Line is Imaginary what makes it real?
If the Line is Imaginary does it really count?
Does the Line change? If So, How Often? If Not, Why Not?
If the Line is Real what are the advantages to skipping it? What are the disadvantages?
How many Lines are we talking about?
What if there were no lines? Is that possible?
Is believing that there is in fact a line to skip the old "Okey Dokey"?
I once read a line in a book that really resonated with me.."the goal of any parent should be to get their children to a point the fastest way where they don't need them." The universe/life/your life has its own natural ebb and flow to it. When we either try to speed it up or slow it down we interfere or delay the natural outcome. The natural outcome is always better than anything we could have dreamed up. How do I profess to know what's best for my child's future when I don't even know what's best for me? The ultimate gift that I can pass on to my child is to invest heavily in LOVE.

    1. Sometimes the noisiest places have so much to teach us. Noisy can mean sound. Noisy can mean crowded/competition Action Step: Seek out a noisy space and just notice what you don't like about it

    2. Be good to people. It's your nature Action Step: Give without any expectation

    3. Good Relationships/Bad Relationships - There is no order of difficulty in what people call good and bad because they all stem from the same place - a belief in separation. Action Step: See no one as separate from yourself

    4. Contrary to popular belief, life is about giving not about getting. There's no amount of getting that will ever make you happy but giving is in a league of its own. Action Step: Give more

    5. I feel very comfortable in sharing with all of you to rest in the mind of love. Action step: Do nothing - just be.

    6. It ain't nothing until you call it. I'm giving everything all the meaning it has and guess what so are we all. Action Step: What would happen if you replaced those images and meanings?

    7. Who would you be without your story? Are you willing to let go of your story? When? Action Step: We are the ones that are turning the dream into a nightmare. Are you willing to drop/change your story?

    8. Going fast and far doesn't really matter when you're traveling in the wrong direction. Action Step: Consider direction first.

    9. Transcend the body/mind paradigm, the world of the ego, birth/death, the world is rooted in fear. Action Step: Contemplate that you are and always will be an expression of Love/God to Infinity

    10. Things often don't work (give us the outcome we desire) for us like they work for others because the honey is absent. Action step: When in doubt, choose honey.

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