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Chapter Titles for the Multi-Class Manifesto

In his post "10 Nobel Laureate BAcked Steps to Finding your True Passion This Year (Even If You Have Way Too Many)" (found here:, @Mysteries describes "Multipotentialites" or "Scanners". People who have a wider variety of interests and struggle to balance them all (or maybe some have mastered that...)

I identify with these types and figured if I wrote a non-fiction book, it would be about that lifestyle and the sub-culture around it. The working title is "Multi-Class Manifesto" (Multi-classing in Dungeons & Dragons is when your character tries to be a Wizard AND a WARRIOR, for example). The book may never get written, but if I get the gumption, I can use this list of chapters as a map.

    1. A History of Multi-Classing

    Synonyms like dilettantes, dabblers, multi-passionate, Renaissance (Wo)Men, Jack-Of-All-Trades. Some examples of famous figures who fit the mould.

    2. Benefits to Multi-Classing

    Talk about diversity, cross-training, etc.

    3. Drawbacks to Multi-Classing

    Societal pressure to specialize. "Master of None", stress and inefficiency of context-switching

    4. A Survey of Personality Tests

    Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, EVO, Clifton Strengths...

    5. Finding Themes in Your Passions

    As pointed out in @Mysteries post, knowing yourself via a personality test will help you understand what common themes exist in your life, personality and tastes.

    6. Analog Tools for the Multi-Class Individual

    Bullet Journal, Planners, Vision Boards, Other Notebook, Journalling, ...

    7. Digital Tools for the Multi-Class Individual

    Trello, Evernote, NotePD, etc.

    8. Tiering your Passions and Pursuits

    Your passions/pursuits may have different levels of importance to your health, finances, family life, etc. and may need to be ranked and prioritized at different levels.

    9. The Circle of Life

    A passion/pursuit can die, and a new one can be born. What does it mean? How to cope.

    10. In Conclusion

    Summarize and Bring it Home
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