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Bill Bergeman


Characteristics of the Ideal Coffee Shop


    1. It MUST have fantastically rich, properly-sourced, properly-roasted coffee.

    2. It feels like a home away from home.

    3. You feel welcome to stay for five minutes or five hours.

    4. Beautiful artwork from local artists adorns the walls.

    5. It's immaculately clean at all times.

    6. There are regulars you can befriend.

    7. It has huge windows that overlook something really beautiful (lake, mountains, etc.).

    8. It has a relaxing outdoor patio where you can people-watch.

    9. It hosts live jazz performances every evening.

    10. The shop has free, powerful Wi-Fi that doesn't track everything you do online with cookies.

    11. The baristas make you feel like a treasured friend.

    12. It has a perfectly delicious breakfast burrito: scrambled eggs lightly peppered, ample avocado, fresh tomatillo, and a tortilla so soft that it melts in your mouth.

    13. It has that "it" vibe that you can't describe but only feel.

    14. It caters to people who like to take life a step slower rather than rush in and out on their way to work and complain all the time about slow service and how their $10 mocha cappuccino doesn't have enough oatmilk.

    15. It has a cozy, real fireplace that lights the space up with warmth and comfort during the winter months.

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