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CHATGPT Writing Prompts

How to write prompts in ChatGPT to unleash the power of AI

    1. The 100 Sentence Challenge

    Write a story in 100 sentences or less. Here's an example from another user:

    2. The 5 Sentence Story

    Same as above, but only write a story in 5 sentences. Here's an example from another user:

    3. The Twitter Story

    Write a story that takes place over the course of someone's Twitter feed. For instance, "Alice" tweets about getting up in the morning, then going to work, then having lunch with her friend Bob, etc. and your story is what happens to Alice over the course of those tweets. Here's an example from another user:

    4. The Fifty Word Story

    Take this challenge and write 50 words about each of these prompts (in any order):

    5. The Plotless Story

    Write a story where nothing happens. No action. No climaxes. Just a description of someone walking down the street on a rainy day and looking at storefronts and people on the street and other details along the way until they reach their destination (or don't). Here's an example from another user:

    6. A Tweet-Based Paragraph Challenge!

    Pick two random twitter accounts (can be yours or not) and write one paragraph describing how they would meet if they were both in your story. Like this one I did for my twitter account @noted_problems :

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