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Cheeky Social Commentary

Midjourney has me living out my fantasy of becoming banksy and getting to make graphic art with social/political commentary. I call the piece below "Even Jesus was once unpopular"


What social commentary art can you make with Midjourney?

    1. The 10% Challenge

    I challenge everyone to do something creative every day for the next ten days.

    2. Social Media

    Why is social media so addictive? Because it's a dopamine hit every time you get a like or a comment. So we are all addicted to being liked.

    3. Learning from past generations

    Why can't we learn from the mistakes of past generations? Why do we repeat them over and over again?

    4. We are slaves to our habits!

    Every day, I have to fight the urge to check my phone first thing in the morning. And then again at night before I go to bed.

    5. What is your "why" ?

    Everyone has a "why". But most people never figure out theirs.

    6. How many times can you say "no" each day?

    The more times you say no, the more freedom and peace of mind you will have.

    7. Are you an escalator or an elevator?

    An escalator gets stuck at every floor and eventually stops working altogether. An elevator goes up, regardless of which floors are occupied or not occupied. Which one are you?
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