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Choose Yourself: Chapter 11: Becoming a Master Salesman - 10 Insights

I have struggled with this idea of becoming ANYTHING. To become something means that I'm not already that. I need to vary, change, or alter something about myself to achieve a particular result.

The biggest problem with becoming anything (for example, a master salesman) is that I begin to feel that there's something wrong with me. I beat myself up because I'm not a master salesman according to the world's standards. I'm always comparing myself to others.

In my experience I am all that I need to be and the only requirement of me is to remove the blocks that keep me from seeing that.

Here's a simple framework that I learned along the way that's been quite valuable and it doesn't require me becoming a master salesman. It does require that I become acutely aware and to be present. After all, it's just a conversation.

1. Is the prospect willing to engage in a conversation?
2. Is the prospect friendly and willing to work towards a common goal?
3. Does the prospect know what they want?
4. Does the prospect know when they want it?
5. Does the prospect want me to help them?

The answer to each question must be "yes" or a sale does not occur. It's all about the process, not the destination. If I try to speed it up I interfere with the natural process.

    1. Our world is filled with fear & guilt. We are really afraid to lose that's why we say things like "he screwed me". If I don't feel the value of what I'm getting is more than what I'm giving up no sale occurs. Value is very subjective.

    2. A great sale is when every party involved gets what they want from the transaction such that when they depart they are willing to come together again.

    3. My survival does not depend on me becoming a master salesman. If it does then I will not survive.

    4. Forget about the sale. The sale could be a loss leader. What you want is the customer not the sale. The goal is a customer for life.

    5. I'd rather go deep with a few than shallow with many. Everything I do doesn't need to be scaleable.

    6. Always seek to delight. When you delight a customer, you also delight yourself. Create a WOW moment.

    7. Giving to get is not real giving.

    8. There is no competition. There's plenty of ______ for everyone.

    9. Be so good they can't ignore you. Thanks Cal Newport.

    10. Become great at the fundamentals. Show up on time. Do what you said you were going to do. Say "please" and "thank you." If you make a "mistake" do what you can to make the customer whole.

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