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Choose Yourself - Chapter 3: Does One Person Have Control Over Your Life? - 11 Insights

If you're out at 3 am in the morning it's for a reason and probably not a good reason.
Of course they're up for a reason. But you got to be out too in order to see them.
What's your reason? Do you believe that your reason(s) are superior to their reasons?
What would happen if the tables were turned and I was in your house at 3 am lurking around in the dark documenting what you doing?
What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

    1. The world we see is the world we're wearing.

    2. We totally missed it. It's not about the outcome, it's all about Experiences. The outcome is somewhere out there who knows where. The experience is the right now - PRESENCE. There no experience greater than right now.

    3. If we believed that something was really important to us would we outsource the decision-making process to someone else? Adults are so funny, even as adults they keep lying to themselves.

    4. Victimhood is nothing more than pushing the parts of ourselves that we choose not to look at - out into the world and projecting onto others.

    5. One of the biggest challenges that we face in life is seeing ourselves separate from others. Too often we place ourselves above others and view them as nothing more than dregs of society.

    6. Just maybe when things don't work out as we planned that is life inviting us to move in a different direction or perhaps the thing we're into its for the wrong reasons. Perform, but by all means stop performing for the camera.

    7. We're all wearing masks and instead of taking the masks off for good we just keep trading one mask for another.

    8. I can't get no satisfaction from the world. If I look to the world of form for satisfaction I will continue to be disappointed because the world always seem to come up a little short.

    9. The only person who blocks me (from anything) is myself. And when I look at my life I happen to be very good at it.

    10. When you're down on the floor and you get back up, what are you getting back up to? Just because you rearrange the furniture doesn't mean no longer hallucinating.

    11. Worse than not being chosen is waiting for someone else to choose you.

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