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Choosing Yourself: Chapter 22: The Beginning of the End - 4 Insights

I used to be afraid.
I used to believe that I wasn't enough.
I used to believe that I was from the "wrong" side of the tracks.
I used to believe that someone else had the answers to my most pressing questions.
I used to believe that If I read this book or that book I would be informed.
I used to believe that I had to know what (fill in blank) morning routine was.
I used to believe that if you had more money, a bigger house, and had traveled the world that you must be superior to me.
I used to believe that when people opened their mouths to speak that they actually knew what they were talking about.
I used to believe that people were telling me the whole truth and nothing but the truth so that I could be set free.
I used to believe that more money and trinkets would make me happy.
I used to believe that I wasn't choosing myself.
All of my assertions were incorrect.

This was one heck of a road trip. It's impossible to take a long road trip like this one and not discover some amazing things about yourself and your passenger.

After my second road trip with James I've started to notice a particular theme of which I won't disclose here but has been quite revealing to me. It's quite fascinating to become aware of the thought patterns of another person.

I'm going take one more trip with James that begins tomorrow. This will be our last trip together. I'm taking one more trip for two reasons.
1. James is fun to talk to...he's intelligent, witty, and he has a particularly unique way of viewing life.
2. I'm interested to see if the theme continues.

    1. Is it true?

    Is it true that choosing myself is a good idea?
    Is it true that I'm not already choosing myself?
    Is it true that I must pay my dues before I can so-called "make it"?
    Is it true some will survive while others perish...collateral damage?
    Is it true that If I don't choose myself that I am doomed?
    Is it true (from my severely limited perspective) that I could know what path is best for me to choose?
    Is it true that once I choose myself that I will be happy all the time or at least most of the time?
    Is it true that if I don't choose myself that I will be unhappy most of the time?
    Too many unknowns...Too many unanswered questions.

    2. The key to happiness and peace of mind has not changed.

    Accept the Truth about yourself.
    No more trinkets, potions, and voodoo magic.
    What is true - You (yes you) were created in the image and likeness of Love.
    Just like your smile cannot be apart from your face, you cannot be apart from God.
    You cannot get it wrong.
    Choose wisely what you pursue.
    Choose wisely what you believe about yourself and others.

    3. Put your masks on first. Save yourself first.

    Putting your mask on first is symbolic.
    As one mind is healed - all minds are healed.
    Putting our masks on first allows us to see the world more clearly and not from such a heightened state of fear.

    4. Choosing yourself or not choosing yourself one thing is certain. When you become elderly you become invisible. You fade into the night just as if you never existed.

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