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Christmas Stories

Can I think of any stupid stories to write this Christmas?

    1. Popeman update

    I could touch up my greatest Christmas story and share that.

    2. Snow zombies

    I always thought that people leaving the pub are a lot like zombies.  I had an idea of some guy on drugs seeing this and really believing they're zombies and fighting them off I'm not sure how it ends I enjoyed the concept more than the story.  Maybe he kills them all then goes on the run. Starting a new adventure.

    3. Scottish fairytale

    I've already written about Scottish pinocchio -

    I could take other fairytales and add in nonsense polices for a laugh.  

    Little red riding hood gets the jail for misgendering the wolf that now identifies as a Grandma.  Stupid, but there might be something there.

    4. Santa Claws

    Another idea I had a while back.  A story of a kid who finds out Santa's not real.  He tells his friends and then for a joke they go and expose the mall Santa as not real, but his beard is real.  On Christmas the mall Santa appears in each of their houses, making sure they'll always believe in him.

    A horrer based Christmas story sounds fun.

    5. Christmas time travel

    A story about a kid that is transported into the future during Christmas.  They love everything only to find out they miss what really matters, their family.  They're all long gone now.  Maybe Christmas magic can send him back at the end once he's learnt his lesson.
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