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City-life or Suburbs - What do you prefer and Why?

Suburbs, but love a lot about cities.

    1. No Traffic

    This is my #1. Cannot stand sitting in traffic. Wish US had better public transport. Parking in a city is a NIGHTMARE. Would have to be car-less if lived in a city.

    2. Nicer People (Usually)

    Often find people are more relaxed and down to earth outside major cities. It could just be that I didn't grow up in a city, so I don't understand that life as well.

    3. Safer

    Don't know if this is true. Would be surprised if stats were different.

    In a neighborhood, most of the time everyone looks out for one another. Kids can ride their bikes in the street, run around, and not worry as much. I feel fine walking at night in the suburbs. In a city, always I am looking over my shoulder.

    4. Slower pace

    Cities seem stressful. Crowded. Makes me feel like I'm late to a meeting. And I don't know how to get around them that well. I talk, walk, and think slow.

    5. Wildlife

    Cities don't really have any. The Zoo doesn't count. It's wonderful to put up a bird feeder and wake up to birds outside. Sometimes, you might see a deer driving at night. Owls, foxes, lizards, and squirrels. The snakes are scary....Bears could be a problem.

    6. Cheaper (Usually)

    Not always true, but it seems like you get more bang for your buck in the suburbs. When you have children, you can put them in a public school, if it's a good area. You get nice parks and playgrounds, that feel safe.

    7. City better - Food and Entertainment

    No debate here. Way more to do in a city.

    8. City better - Exciting

    You never know what you are going to see in a city. People seem younger in cities. You feel alive in a city. Beautiful people live in cities.

    When I go to Bryant Park in NYC people are playing chess, ping pong, reading, listening to music, drinking. It's incredible.

    9. City better - Culture and Diversity

    Museums, Art, Festivals are all available and going on in cities. I feel smarter in a city. More cultured.

    Not everyone looks the same. People dress different.

    10. City Better - Transportation

    Trains. Buses. You can walk/bike more places. The airports are WAY better. Direct flights.

    11. Overall ----> Prefer living in Suburbs and visiting cities

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