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City-life or Suburbs - What do you prefer and Why?

I prefer living in the Suburbs!

    1. More indoor and outdoor spaces

    Houses and buildings in the suburbs are not cramped together like in the inner cities. Thus, homes are typically bigger, have more backyard space, and are further from the next house on the street. If you value your space and want to enjoy a lot of breathing room, living in the suburb may be perfect for you.

    2. Slower pace

    3. Cost of living

    Suburban living is typically less expensive than city living. Almost everything is cheaper in the suburbs, including housing, gas, groceries, child care costs, and transportation, among many other commodities.

    4. More nature

    5. More safe

    The crime rate in suburban areas is lower than that in the city, which is one of the main reasons why families, especially those with kids, move to communities in the suburbs.

    6. Easier commute

    Commuting in the suburbs is typically less stressful than commuting in the city. And with less traffic to be mad about and crowds to weave yourself through, you can get to your destination faster and easier.

    7. Quality of life

    Suburbia offers an escape from the work and stresses of the big city, while still allowing relative proximity to other people and necessities. With less traffic congestion and crowding, as well as a lower crime rate, suburbanites often find a higher quality of life than what is available elsewhere. There is access to plentiful job opportunities while having the option for recreational and outdoor activities as well as opportunities to meet people and join a community.

    8. Better schools

    Suburbs are a better living option for all families with school-age children. Not only does a suburb provide a nurturing environment, it also gives students a quality education experience. Generally speaking, suburban residents make more money. This allows the schools to receive more funding to provide the best education possible. More of your tax money will be dedicated to enhancing the curricula, hiring well-qualified teachers, purchasing useful learning resources and providing a well-rounded school niche.

    9. More privacy

    Because suburbs are more spacious, you get to have more privacy as a resident. Less people and more space means the property you own will be private enough to do what you want. You won't have to share your porch, backyard, front yard and garage.

    10. Community

    City residents look to move into a suburban area to gain a sense of community. In a city, it's incredibly hard to build friendships with the people surrounding you. By living in the suburbs, you will benefit from a quality social life. You can have close-knit relationships with your neighbors and build your own interpersonal community.
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