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Collin Harness


Climate Change Solutions

All the climate change solutions that I can think of.

    1. Residential solar panels

    Every home in the southwest could be powered by the sun

    2. Power plant solar panel farms

    Power plants could incorporate sun farms.

    3. Power plant wind turbines

    Power plants could create more wind turbines and make the current ones more efficient.

    4. Residential roof wind turbines

    House could put small wind turbines on their roofs and get more energy that way.

    5. Every nation agrees to a tree planting initiative

    Stop deserts from growing.

    Every nation, especially the rich ones could create a tree planting orgs that plants more trees around the world.

    6. More electric cars

    Sell more electric cars less ICE cars.

    7. Planting mangrove trees in the water

    Saudi Arabia is doing this. Planting a ton of mangrove trees in the water off its shores to foster more marine life.

    8. More people go vegetarian for a few days a week - less animals needed

    Less animal farming.

    9. Less oil more natural gas

    Natural gas is still bad, but less bad than coal or oil.

    10. More nuclear energy

    Create smaller and more numbers of nuclear plants.

    11. Small carbon capture machines

    What if every single city around the world could have a number of small carbon capture machines that put out oxygen instead of CO2?

    Basically trees in machine form throughout congested cities.

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